The 2019 Rugby World Cup - What You Need to Know

The 2019 Rugby World Cup - What You Need to Know

There are limited ways to go about watching the RWC this year and unfortunately heading down to the local to watch on the big screen might not be one of them depending on what games you want to watch.

12 matches will be broadcast live by TVNZ; select pool games (the New Zealand matches will be delayed), the semi-finals and the final.

If however you want to see anyone other than the All Blacks playing in the pool games or you want to see them LIVE, you really only have one option.

Rugby World Cup matches broadcast free to air on TVNZ 1 and streamed on Spark Sport free-to-view

  • Friday 20 September / Pool A, Match 1 (opening match) / Japan v Russia / LIVE
  • Saturday 21 September / Pool B, Match 4 / NZ v South Africa / Delayed by 1 hour
  • Saturday 28 September / Pool C, Match 13 / Tonga v Argentina / LIVE
  • Wednesday 2 October / Pool B, Match 20 / NZ v Canada / Delayed by 1 hour
  • Friday 4 October / Pool B, Match 23 / South Africa v Italy / LIVE
  • Sunday 6 October / Pool B, Match 27 / NZ v Namibia / Delayed by 1 hour
  • Wednesday 9 October / Pool D, Match 32 / Fiji v Wales / LIVE
  • Sunday 12 October / Pool B, Match 34 / NZ v Italy / Delayed by 1 hour
  • One quarter final: TBC, but will be the NZ match, assuming the team progress past the pool stage / Delayed by 1 hour
  • Saturday 26 October / Semi-finals, Match 45 / LIVE
  • Sunday 27 October / Semi-finals, Match 46 / LIVE
  • Saturday 2 November / Final, Match 48 and medal ceremony / LIVE


Rugby World Cup matches streamed on Spark Sport free-to-view

  • Wednesday 25 September / Pool D, Match 10 / Fiji v Uruguay / Delayed by 2 hours
  • Monday 30 September / Pool A, Match 18 / Scotland v Samoa / Delayed by 2 hours

Spark Sport

Spark Sport is a streaming platform that was released to iPhone and Android phones earlier this year, and the latest Apple TV's just this week.
The App is free to download on Apple TV, iPhone and Android but the Service is not.


Spark are offering whats called a "Rugby World Cup Tournament Pass".
This Pass will give you EVERY SINGLE MATCH available to Stream LIVE, and after the match has ended.
Super Early Bird (1st May - 31st May) $59.99 .        Offer Expired
Early Bird (1st June - 10th of September) $79.99 .  ON SALE NOW
Standard (11th September - 2nd November) $89.99

Alternatively, if there is just one other Team you want to follow, you can purchase individual matches to stream live for $24.99 Each.
If you think you will want to watch any more than 3 pool matches, it is cheaper to buy the whole tournament pass.
For more info on purchasing matches or a Pass, head to:

Spark are also offering a subscription based service simply called 'Spark Sport' for $20/month.  This does NOT give you ANY RWC games.
Instead it gives you full access to stream live and rewatch many other sports and matches Spark now have the rights for.
For more info on this service, head to:

How to stream once you have purchased the account or pass.
We HIGHLY recommend you do this through an Apple TV4 or Apple TV4K
If you don't have one, don't worry it's not a new TV set.
Its a little black box that connects to the internet and streams online media to your TV. 

Image result for apple tv 4kImage result for apple tv 4k Spark Sport

You can purchase these new from the Apple Store for $299 with free shipping.
You can also airplay to an older apple TV from your iPhone or iPad or screen share to a ChromeCast from and android or apple device, but we do NOT recommend this method because in our testing we found it to be unreliable at the best of times.
And the last thing you want right before the try that would change the match is for the connection between your phone and ChromeCast to drop out.
There is also rumours that the app will be able to be downloaded onto certain Smart TV's Directly.  It is already available for some Samsung TV's and we expect to see it become available for certain models of Panasonic, Sony, LG TV's of 2017 purchase or later.

More information on the Streaming service can be found on and if you need help integrating a new Apple Tv into your current Savant or RTI control system, give us a call.


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