Could this be NZ's ultimate music room?

Could this be NZ's ultimate music room?

We're lucky to have built up a number of long term clients over the years and we've been proud to work with all of them. We take pride in the knowledge and experience of the whole Soundline team combined with a desire to do what's truly best for our customers.

A case in point being this incredible system which is the culmination of our decades long relationship with a serious music-loving client. Years of careful planning from the Soundline team and thoughtful upgrades over the years have gone into creating something truly special. The hard work is in getting the details right and refining things to a level where it feels like there's live music being played right there in the room.

So what goes into a system like this? Let's take a quick look.

Firstly, a bespoke acoustic treatment solution was commissioned and designed at the planning stage of this room. Various treatments go into a room of this nature to ensure we can obtain the ultimate sound from the music system. We collaborate with the industry's best, Artnovion from Portugal who run the architectural plans and system design through advanced computer modelling to precisely calculate what's needed to achieve the ultimate canvas for us to build a music system on.

Audio Research provides the amplification in this clients system, chosen for its natural sound, massive dynamics and unmatched ability to create an emotional connection with the music. Along with the Audio Research amplification, which consists of a Reference Pre-amp and Mono-Block amplifiers, an Audio Research Reference CD Player and Phono-Stage make up the head-end of this system. Audio Research has been Soundline's premier electronics brand for over four decades and is regarded as the world's-best producer of tube-based amplification and source components.

The Speakers selected are the Aida from the master craftsmen at Sonus faber in Italy. These handmade beauties really do sound as good as they look and like the Audio Research components, provide a sound with massive scale, delicacy and can create such a life-like performance that they take the listener to the live performance.

The vinyl playback is provided by an SME turntable and Dynavector cartridge running through the Audio Research Reference Phono Stage.

Kimber Kable provides the precision connection between components and speakers with Select Series interconnects and speaker cables. Kimber has been Soundline's number one choice in cables for decades and is known for its transparency and accuracy.

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