AG Lifter Dulcet 20 HPC Brass Isolation Feet



This is our ultimate isolation foot technology.  This isolation foot incorporates billet brass CNC machined upper and lower components and a revised rubber centre section.  The rubber manufacturing is carried out using a specific measured formulation in a staggered heat mould under 100 tons of pressure, this produces an air free component with two surfaces of differential sure hardness.  This is a no expense spared high performance build; some raw materials are five times the cost of the standard foot. Why did we do this, simply because it produces better music!  A clearer, tighter and more detailed sound, particularly midrange resolution, very natural tones and textures, sound staging is scaled to size and show’s exceptional depth of field layering the instruments, while retaining excellent bass response. 

HPC (High Performance Coating): A specialised electroplated finish that is microns into the parent brass metal.  It is very durable and provides a seamless connection to the upper Stainless-Steel bearing.

The Dulcet 20 H.P.C Brass Isolation feet can be used individually for audio components on furniture.  The effective load rating for the Dulcet 20 H.P.C Brass Isolation Feet is suited to heavy weight audio components such as Power Amplifiers, Power Conditioners etc.  The Dulcet 20 H.P.C Brass Isolation Feet are the foundation of the AG Lifter Apollo Modular isolation racks. The AG Lifter Dulcet 20 H.P.C Brass Isolation feet come with a limited warranty.

Price is each.


AG Lifter Dulcet 20 HPC Brass Isolation Feet

Performance advantages of the AG Lifter Isolation Feet:

  • Quieter background
  • An open musical presentation
  • Deeper, tighter and increased defined base notes
  • Organic and natural textures
  • Increased weight and scale to the soundstage
  • Increase in detail in all frequencies
  • Lower noise floor


The AG Lifter Isolation Foot is a uniquely designed and engineered assembly incorporating precision machining, with flexibility in mind.

The total height allows clearance in most HI FI Racking Systems. The assembly is pre-set for most applications. The AG Lifter Isolation Foot is manufactured and precision hand assembled in Auckland, NZ. All materials sourced for this product are by Kiwi Suppliers and Manufacturers, even the billet Aluminium. The only exception is the 316 Stainless Steel bearing specifically sourced from a Japanese Manufacturer.



AG Lifter Dulcet 20 H.P.C. Brass Isolation Feet Specifications:

  • Total Height just over 38mm for Dulcet 20 Brass H.P.C Isolation Feet
  • Billet Brass Componentry
  • Custom Formulated, UV Resistant, natural nitrile rubber isolation
  • Stainless Steel 316 bearing