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The foundation of your HiFi system

What our philosophy means is implementing the Crescendo Isolation Rack in your system will reduce harmonics which cause blurriness, harsh and hard edges to your music. This will then provide a wide, open, detailed, textured sound stage with extended deep bass response, compared to standard racking systems or furniture. Its elegant design is aesthetically pleasing and what we call at AG Lifter “wife friendly”, making your listening environment look spacious and contemporary.

The AG Lifter Crescendo Isolation Rack is the Ultimate Isolation Performance Device. This product incorporates all technology from the development of current isolation products by AG Lifter. Implementing the AG Lifter Crescendo Isolation Rack in your system will result in a sense and feeling of an upgrade in your equipment. The racking design is modular allowing the user to layer and then wire-up their components making it easier to assemble to a finished listening stage.

The AG Lifter Crescendo Isolation Rack encompasses several layers of Isolation starting from the ground using the Dulcet 20 (Large) AG Lifter Isolation Feet, each module is then decoupled utilising SS bearings sitting in a billet CNC machined cap pressed into the vertical custom extrusions. Each acrylic shelf is then isolated using the Dulcet 19 (Small) AG Lifter Isolation Feet. The Dulcet 19 Isolation feet are distance settable with 2 options of placement on the horizontal parallel rails at the front and back of the rack or the perpendicular rails for perfect placement according to the size of the electronics placed on the shelf. The perpendicular rails are adjustable from left to right, tuning the chassis of your rack for the best performance.

Special turntable isolation feet are optional for the top tier shelf; this enhances the performance of your table. This three-layer isolating system floats the plinth of your turntable. The frame is a custom designed anodised aluminium extrusion with polished and anodised custom billet caps, these caps dampen the extrusion. This custom extrusion is designed and owned by AG Lifter, and carries a patent covered by our New Zealand Aluminium Supplier. The end result of this special extrusion came from extensive research and development, using different profiles. A proprietary fastener is used to further apply tension to the extrusion resulting in a frame dampened enough, but live enough to provide an exciting sound.

Options are available for equipment with custom dimensions. Frame finishes are in Black and Silver as standard.


 Dimensions: 900mm (H) x 600mm (W) x 500mm (D)
 Shelf Material: Acrylic
 Frame Material: Extruded Aluminium


 Decoupling: Stainless Steel Balls between each section.
 Isolation: 4 Dulcet 20 Feet under rack + 4 Dulcet 19 Feet under each shelf
 Top shelf Isolation: 4 Rubber Balls (for Turntable) or 4 Stainless steel balls (for anything else)


 Available in two finishes as standard - Powder Coated Black & Natural Silver
   Colours of different parts can be mixed and matched by special request, i.e Black columns with silver caps etc.

Due to the bespoke nature of our high-end music systems this product is not available to be purchased online. Please contact us for personalized service from one of our team of experts.