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Aurender Music Players are designed to preserve and provide easy access to large digital music libraries. As CD collections grow and grow old with scratches, discerning music listeners are transferring their CD collections to Hard Disk Drives in uncompressed or lossless format and backing them up in order to forever preserve their music collections. It takes up so little space and is much easier to access. In addition, downloads of music files with higher resolution than possible with CDs are becoming increasingly popular. 

Aurender stores files in its internal Hard Disk Drives and caches them to a Solid State Drive for playback. Unlike ordinary PC or MAC based systems which use ordinary crystal clocks, the Aurender uses super stable OCXO word clocks. In addition, with AES/EBU, optical or coaxial standards are associated jitter. In the Aurender, proprietary FPGA re-clocking is used to virtually eliminate jitter. 

What is performance, if it is hard to use? The Aurender user interface was designed around the powerful and intuitive iPad, which is easy to use.
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