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ESOTERIC proudly announces a new Super Audio CD player, model K-01Xs. By utilizing the most cutting-edge electro-acoustic engineering technologies available today, the K-01Xs is designed and engineered exclusively for true music lovers and dedicated audiophiles.The original model, the K-01 was introduced in 2010 and evolved to the ‘X’ edition in 2014. Ever since its introduction,the series has been a hallmark of ultra-high end digital source player, winning multiple awards worldwide.The third generation ― new ‘Xs’ edition has now further upgraded with innovative design enhancements derived from the Grandioso K1, our flagship all-in-one digital player.

The key enhancement for the K-01Xs is the completely new DAC design. The new DAC is based on the same design architecture developed for the Grandioso K1, featuring further advanced chipsets (AK4497 / x 8 DACs per channel),more powerful power supply, ES-LINK Analog current signal link capability, and higher definition USB input (DSD22.5MHz, PCM 768kHz/32-bit).

The system is also updated with modern, Organic EL display for better legibility.Highly acclaimed in-house manufactured SACD transport drive, ‘VRDS-NEO VMK-3.5-20S’, powerful x 4 power supply transformer design, ’35-bit D/A processing’ capability that is 2,048 times better resolution compared to 24-bit based D/A system, highly innovative ‘ESOTERIC HLCD’ super buffer amplifiers, high accuracy custom clock IC device, super robust aluminum chassis ― these key features remains the same.

With these revolutionary features, the new K-01Xs sets a new dimension in the high end digital audio player market.

  • New design DAC boards utilizing AK4497 DAC chips (same as K1 GRANDIOSO)
  • ES-Link Analog connection type added (same as K1 GRANDIOSO)
  • Higher definition USB support (DSD 22.5MHz, PCM 768kHz/32 bit)
  • OLED display (same as GRANDIOSO series)
  • Improved power supply
Specifications TBC