Meridian MS200 Sooloos / Roon Music Streamer



Meridian Sooloos / Roon Music Streaming Endpoint

The Meridian Media Source 200 is a simple way to enjoy your music collection in an extra room. Simply connect your network to a pair of DSP Loudspeakers or traditional amplifier and it will access your main Meridian Sooloos or Roon music collection for independent playback in another room.
The Media Source 200 is exceptionally easy to use, and can be operated from the touchscreen of the Control 15, wirelessly from the free iPad or iPhone app, or any other available system controller.

Operation of the Media Source 200 requires an existing system core product like the Meridian MC200, QNAP NAS drive or Roon Core on the same network.

  • INPUTS: Ethernet Network Connection (RJ45)
  • OUTPUTS: Meridian SpeakerLink connector (RJ45), Analogue stereo unbalanced (3.5mm combination jack), Digital S/PDIF optical (3.5mm combination jack)
  • CONTROL: Via Meridian Digital Media System, Fully compatible with iPhone® and iPad® applications (available free from Apple® App Store)
  • Acts as a single zone
  • Configuration via web page
  • CONSTRUCTION: Aluminium extrusion with moulded endcaps
  • FRONT PANEL DISPLAY: Left LED indicates IR reception, Centre LED flashes during start-up, is dim during standby, and bright during normal operation, Right LED indicates network connection status
  • POWER: Powered via SpeakerLink connection from compatible components, External wall-mount power supply included
  • Dimensions: 80mm x 139mm x 34mm (WDH)