Grand Prix Audio Monaco 3 Shelf System



GPA Hi-Fi Rack

Solving the problem

Audio/video playback systems are constantly being assaulted by vibration. The audio community has long accepted the benefits of vibration control. Grand Prix Audio believes an investment in audio video equipment should not be compromised by the use of a poorly designed and inferiorly produced equipment stand.

We understand that real performance can be measured and quantified. Using sophisticated instrumentation to test competing products and develop our designs allows us to confirm superior performance. The Monaco Modular Isolation System was engineered to allow audio and video components to reach their full potential. No longer constricted by resonance intermodulation, your system will perform beyond your wildest dreams - revealing elements of music you never knew existed.

The GPA Monaco Modular Isolation System is the culmination of hundreds of hours research, testing and development. Its stunning elegance hints at the dramatic effect it will have upon your music reproduction. You know the phrase "silence so thick you can cut it". Silence becomes acutely audible. We think of it thus: When Silence Becomes Presence.

Typical fabricated metal design filled with lead shot, on shaker table (note massive ringing literally off this chart)

Typical air-suspension system on fabricated metal design filled with leadshot - 80% reduction versus the first example

Monaco Modular Isolation System offers an additional 45% reduction versus air-suspension

(note: 4 shelf model pictured, available here)

  • Height: 1054.1mm
  • Shelf size: 533mm W x 591.82mm D (or 450.85mm D for the "short wheel base" frame)
  • Weight without ballast: 58 - 76 lbs. depending on shelf thickness
  • Weight with lead shot: 122 - 140 lbs
  • Weight-bearing capacity: > 600 lbs
  • Ballast capacity: 64 lbs
  • Materials: Carbon Fiber epoxy chassis platforms, 304 Stainless steel support columns, 6061 T6 Aluminum support column closures, Stainless steel "True Vector" couplings, 304 Stainless steel spikes, Sorbothane, Acrylic

Due to the bespoke nature of our high-end music systems this product is not available to be purchased online. Please contact us for personalized service from one of our team of experts.