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The Monitor Audio Silver range adds lustre to its award-winning RX predecessor with a compelling mix of innovation and design. Uniting Monitor Audio’s latest engineering with beautifully slender design in a wide range of real wood and high gloss piano finishes, the newest Silver evolution offers an exceptional balance of performance, versatility, lifestyle appeal and value.

With the extraordinary success of RX as its blueprint, the latest Silver range advances the art of mid-market speaker development with new models and technologies. Features introduced by the brand’s prestigious Platinum and Gold series speakers have been refined, and recent innovations in driver engineering incorporated across an extended new Silver series, which includes two stand mount models: Silver 1 and 2; three floor speakers: Silver 6, 8, 10; and dedicated centre, ‘FX’ surround and active subwoofer models. While Silver 1, 2, 6, centre and FX retain the form factor of their predecessors, the Silver 8 becomes a full three way design, and new to the Silver family, the Silver 10 tower offers an up-scaled floor-standing format, featuring twin 8” bass drivers for a deeper more dynamic and consistent response in larger rooms.Available in a choice of premium quality real wood veneers, new Silver sets an elevated standard of excellence in music and film systems for the home. 

New bass and mid-range drivers 

Unlike conventional cones, which incorporate a centre aperture for the voice-coil, the dimpled RST® (Rigid Surface Technology) C-CAM® cones deployed by the Silver series take the form of a continuous uninterrupted radiating dish having inherently greater strength and area. The voice coil sits beneath and is coupled to a larger motor by an innovative, more efficient drive assembly. Extensive research and modelling have helped to determine the ideal mechanical relationships required to increase excursion and power handling while reducing distortion for a more dynamic and accurate response. 

In addition, the Silver 8 and 10 models feature a newly developed 4” mid-range driver, operating in its own damped and optimised enclosure to provide accurate mid frequencies. It features a short voice coil ‘under-hung’ in relation to the magnetic gap to ensure that the coil remains inside the gap at all times for significantly reduced modulation and extremely low distortion.

New tweeter 

Distortion from air compression at the back of a tweeter dome has been eliminated by Silver’s new 25mm C-CAM tweeter design, which vents internally around the outside of the magnet system into a large rear-loading chamber, producing much lower resonance and better overall damping. The frequency response from the new tweeter is more accurate at lower frequencies for a smoother more natural handover with the mid/bass driver. Meanwhile high frequency extension has been improved and break-up reduced by improvements in cone geometry and drive mechanism.

Other design features

The new Silver series retains the single bolt-through driver fixings deployed by RX to reduce cabinet coloration. Each bolt acts as a rigid brace, but also removes the need for conventional driver fixings as well, effectively decoupling the driver and front baffle to eliminate a further source of resonance. The absence of conventional driver fixings contributes to a cleaner more elegant appearance – especially in tandem with Silver’s ‘invisible’ magnetic grille location. 

Evolving from Platinum, Monitor Audio’s HiVe port technology is incorporated on all but Centre, FX and W-12 subwoofer models. HiVe uses a straight rifled design to accelerate air flow and reduce turbulence for clean powerful bass and superior transient response. Polypropylene film capacitors, air core and laminated steel core inductors have been utilised in the crossovers to maintain the best possible signal integrity. All models in the new Silver range offer higher sensitivity, reduced distortion and higher impedance than their predecessors, ensuring a wider choice of partnering equipment.  

Cabinet Construction

Cabinets are of 20mm MDF throughout (25mm for W12 subwoofer) – up from 19mm RX – and in conjunction with bolt-through driver bracing, employ additional radial and cross-bracing for high rigidity and low coloration. All new Silver models are available in a choice of selected premium quality wood veneers or high gloss finishes.

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