Meridian DSP5200 3 Channel Active Speaker Combo


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Each self-contained DSP5200 unit combines a ‘2 1/2-way’ crossover design, three custom drivers, three amplifiers, two multi-bit delta-sigma digital converters, digital crossovers and computers to deliver an impressive, powerful and accurate sound.

The electronic design of the DSP5200 takes advantage of the latest advances in component design as well as techniques and approaches employed on the DSP8000.

These are Active DSP speakers and will not connect to a standard AV receiver.
They must either connect to a classic Meridian Surround Sound Processor, or a modern Meridian Surround Sound Processor through the Meridian AC12 Speakerlink Adapter.

2 x Meridian DSP5200 Gloss Silver
1 x Meridian DSP5200HC Gloss Silver


Good working order, good cosmetic condition


This product comes with a 3 month warranty from the date of purchase.


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Frequency response in-room within 3dB from 35Hz to over 20kHz. 
Linear-phase mid/top crossover.
Output >108dB spl @ 1m on music material.
Noise less than 15dB spl.
Overall distortion typically <0.02% at any frequency or level.
Two S/PDIF digital inputs, 32kHz-96kHz sampling rates at up to 24 bit with MHR support.
‘2 1/2-way’ acoustic reflex system.
2 x 160mm polypropylene bass drivers. 1 x 25mm aluminium-dome tweeter, silver wire, short horn-loaded.
Two precision 24/192 oversampling converters for bass/mid and tweeter signals.
Active bass/mid crossover. Digital and conversion electronics constructed using advanced surface-mount techniques and partitioned 6-layer printed-circuit boards. DSP:
150MIPS digital signal processor.
Digital crossover at 2.6kHz.
Response correction for the whole system. Bass protection. User tone controls. Analogue/digital volume and phase control.
Three 75W power amplifiers, one for each driver.
Eight-character display with system lights, can be blank.
(Vertical model) Height: 903mm (without spikes/feet); width: 300mm at base, tapering to 179mm; depth: 356mm at base, tapering to 217mm.
Weight: 35 kgs packed.