Accuphase DF-65 Digital Frequency Dividing Network



Digital Frequency Dividing Network

The Accuphase DF-65 Digital Frequency Dividing Network harnesses the very best of digital technology in every aspect, including a high-speed 40-bit floating point DSP. The standard unit configuration supports signal processing for up to four-way systems. Highly accurate digital filters offer a choice of 59 cutoff frequency points and up to 96 dB/octave attenuation. Integrated time alignment function adjustable in 0.5-cm steps, and delay compensator for automatically offsetting any filter circuit delays. Monophonic output mode provides high versatility for various configurations.

High-speed, high-precision DSP implements fully digital signal processing. Designed to serve as the core component of a multi amp system, the channel divider DF-65 features high-speed digital signal processing with amazing power. Latest digital circuit topology and advanced technology come together in a floating-point DSP that has a 32-bit mantissa and 8-bit exponent section, serving as digital filter. The division into mantissa and exponent prevents errors even when handling very small values.This results in dramatically improved dynamic range and superior precision, allowing very steep cut off slope settings of 48 dB or 96 dB per octave. All other functions including phase, delay, and level control are also implemented in the digital domain. The result is ultra-precise filtering free from adverse effects by temperature changes or aging.

59 selectable cut off frequency points. Filter frequency points can be set over the range from 31.5 Hz to 22.4 kHz in 1/6-octave intervals. In addition, 10, 20, and 290 Hz points are also provided, resulting in a total of 59 points. Each divider unit is fully flexible and allows independent selection of lower and upper cut off frequency.

Six filter slope characteristics with up to 96 dB attenuation per octave. The filter attenuation characteristics can be set to 6 dB, 12 dB, 18 dB, 24 dB, 48 dB, or 96 dB per octave. The 96 dB/octave setting in particular allows the driver unit to reproduce only its intended frequency without being affected by adjacent frequency bands. This makes it possible to create a multi amp system that takes musical accuracy to a wholly new level.



  • High-speed DSP realizes fully digital signal processing in channel divider units
  • Standard configuration allows 4-channel (4-way) system setup
  • 59 selectable cutoff frequency points
  • Highly accurate 96 dB/oct attenuation slope
  • Time alignment function allows delay time setting in 0.5-cm steps
  • Delay compensator offsets signal delays in filter circuitry
  • Further refined MDS++ D/A converter
  • Selectable monophonic output mode for further enhanced specifications

  • Analog inputs: Maximum input level 3.7 V (1 kHz, 2.5 V output)
  • THD: 0.0007% (20 to 20,000Hz)
  • Dynamic Range: 118dB
  • Power Requirements: AC 120 V/230 V, 50/60 Hz (Voltage as indicated on rear panel)
  • Power Consumption: 31W
  • Maximum Dimensions: Width 465 mm, Height 151 mm, Depth 396 mm
  • Mass: 15.1 kg net, 21.0 kg in shipping carton

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