Aerial Acoustics Model 9 Loudspeaker

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Second hand - Good condition - Pickup Wellington only

Well looked after, these Aerial floor-standing speakers are in good condition, and sport fantastic sound quality. Purchased in 2006 by a client who has recently upgraded, these Aerial Model 9's were originally $30,000 brand new, and are now going for an incredible price. Currently set up in our showroom, pop in today to have a listen! Below is an excerpt from the Aerial Acoustics product info sheet:

"The striking new Model 9 is a high-performance multi-driver tower speaker designed for use in uncompromising music and home theater systems. It will reveal all the nuance, detail, and 3-dimensionality of the finest audiophile recordings, yet also deliver impressive power and dynamics for home theatre.

The shape of the model 9's cabinet provides a minimal mounting surface for its six drivers while enclosing ample internal volume. As a result, the cabinet presents a sleek visual aspect without compromising bass power or extention. Extensive bracing in three dimensions yields a very rigid structure with vanishingly low colouration.

The drivers for Model 9 benefit from the development work for the new ultra high performance model 20T. Specifically designed woofers have cast frames, large vented magnets, and large but light 40mm copper clad aluminium voice coils on titanium bobbins. The four woofers have a combined area larger than a 12 inch woofer, yet control, colourations, and response are far superior to the larger driver. The custom made midrange provides high power handling with exceptional smoothness and resolution. The tweeter is a new aluminium dome unit, with vented magnet structure and rear cavity yielding very low resonance. It is remarkably smooth and free of the harshness sometimes accompanying metal dome tweeters. The crossover used large low loss inductors and polypropylene capacitors on the two independent glass epoxy boards. Slopes are high order to minimize driver interaction and maximise power handling

Cabinets are produced with select veneers from several wood species. Veneers are book-matched, and matched between cabinets, for near perfect left-right pairs. Finish is furniture grade, with veneers to complement a range of home interiors. Attractive optional floor stands with spikes and floor protectors are available, serving both to increase lateral stability and reduce sound transmission to the floor.

The model 9's smooth uncoloured response, its resolution and imaging, and it's dynamics and room filling power put it in the highest class of single cabinet loudspeakers"


Frequency response: 30Hz to 22kHz +/-  2dB, -6 dB at 27hz

Sensitivity: 89 dB at 2.83 volts and 1.0 meter

Impedance: 4 ohms, 3.2 ohms min, low reactance

Power requirements: 50 to 300 W (8ohm) reccomended

Drivers: 4 x 7.1" Woofers, 6" midrange, 1" tweeter

Crossovers: 350 Hz and 2,500 Hz, High order

Connections: 4x Gold-plated bi-wire binding posts

Optional Accesories: Laser cut solid steel stand with spikes (included)

Dimenisons (hwd): 47.7 x 11.0 x 18.1" - 1210 x 280 x 460mm

Weight each: 112 lb / 51kg. 160 lb / 73 kg packed

Finish: Rose Walnut.