AG Lifter Euphonious Amplifier Stand


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Elevate your sound and your Amp.

The AG Lifter Amplifier stand is custom designed for the weight and dimensions of most heavy weight Power Amplifiers and Power Conditioners/Regenerators. The AG Lifter Amplifier Stand will improve the performance of your Power Amp/Conditioner/Regenerator by lowering the noise floor creating a blacker background. This will result in increased openness, detail and bass response; all the same advantages of the signal and source level components on the AG Lifter Crescendo 4 Shelf Rack. The AG Lifter Stand is constructed of a custom extrusion with billet aluminium caps for dampening. The shelf is 20mm thick acrylic. Nitrile shelf supports are utilised on this product. Frame finishes are in Black and Silver as standard, however other finishes are available as a custom finish, please contact your dealer for details. The Amplifier Stand is supported from the ground by our AG Lifter Dulcet 20 Isolation feet.


• Amplifier Stand Frame
• Acrylic shelf
• 4 x AG Lifter Dulcet20 with Stainless Steel Ball
• 4 Rubber Isolation balls to go under shelf