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Your Isolation Rack is the foundation of your Hi Fi System.  It is the essential first building block to measure your Hi Fi Equipment and future investments.

The AG Lifter Apollo Isolation Rack is the statement model that redefines the reproduction of music in your space, by implementing mechanical isolation.  Its elegant design is aesthetically pleasing, making your listening environment look spacious and contemporary. 


The AG Lifter Apollo Isolation Modules incorporate all technology from the development of current isolation products by AG Lifter. A larger frame has been developed, allowing for wider settings that improve the scale of the soundstage, depth of bass and cohesiveness. Implementing the AG Lifter Apollo Isolation Rack in your system will result in a sense of upgrading of all your audio components.  AG Lifter “H” Frames are standard on all Apollo finished modules, tensioning the framework for a clearer and highly focused sound. The “H” Frame in addition allows the user to order a top shelf specifically designed to suit Turntables or Electronics. The racking design is modular allowing the user to layer and then wire-up their audio components making it easier to assemble to a finished listening stage. 

The AG Lifter Apollo Isolation Rack encompasses several layers of Isolation, starting from the ground using the AG Lifter Brass HPC (high performance coating) Dulcet 20 (Large) Isolation Feet. Each module is then decoupled utilising Stainless Steel bearings housed in a billet brass HPC machined cap, which is pressed into the vertical custom extrusion. Each acrylic shelf is upgraded to 20mm thick then isolated using the AG Lifter Brass HPC Dulcet 19 (Small) Isolation Feet. The AG Lifter Brass HPC Dulcet 19 Isolation Feet are distance settable (width and depth) for fine tuning. 

AG Lifter Apollo Rack 

AG Lifter Apollo Isolation Rack dimensions:

  • 600mm (width) x 600mm (depth)
  • Rack allows 240mm max for equipment as standard, custom height is available as a special order.


Due to the bespoke nature of our high-end music systems this product is not available to be purchased online. Please contact us for personalized service from one of our team of experts.