Antipodes Audio K50 Music Server





K50 Music Server

 The full-width Antipodes K50 is our latest advance of the state of the art in digital audio, and fully implements the new technologies delivered by the Antipodes OLADRA Project. Refinement, dimensionality, dynamics, timbre and resolution are exceptional. The Antipodes K50 gets out of the way to let you fully experience the emotional impact of the original recording.

The Antipodes K50 integrates three separately powered and isolated computation engines:

 A high power engine to enable Server Apps to effortlessly handle a huge music library, re-assemble internet streams to recover the original file's sound quality, handle DSP features without loss of quality, and to serve the cleanest possible stream to the Player App.

•An advanced player engine to run the selected Player App to provide exceptional USB Audio output and to feed the Reclocker.

•An all-new fully-isolated reclocking engine to provide exceptional S/PDIF, AES3 and I2S digital outputs.


Insert your own SSDs or have your provider install them for you - up to 24TB. Add USB drives. Include music files located elsewhere on your network. Upload music files from anywhere on your network. Add internet streaming services. Attach an Antipodes K10 Ripper to import music from your CDs. All easily user-configurable to form a single integrated music library that is available to all playback solutions selected.

Easily select the playback solutions you wish to use, from the world's best high-end digital audio software providers. Stream by Direct Ethernet connection, USB Audio, S/PDIF, AES3 or I2S to your main stereo system, and at the same time stream over your network to streaming devices.

Setup and control everything from your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

  1. Insert up to three 2.5" Sata SSDs. They will click securely in place.
  2. USB Audio 2.0 Output
  3. Femto Word Clock Master Output on BNC
  4. AES3 Digital Audio Output on 3-pin XLR
  5. S/PDIF Digital Output on BNC
  6. S/PDIF Digital Output on RCA
  7. I2S Digital Output on HDMI
  8. Dual USB Ports For External CD Ripper (eg. Antipodes K10)
  9. Two Servicing Ports
  10. Ethernet Connection to Network on RJ45
  11. Ethernet Connection for Direct Streaming to Streamer on RJ45
  12. Two USB Ports for USB Disks
  13. Mains Power IEC Inlet - User Switchable 110-120vac to 220-240vac


 Price Before Duties & Taxes $15,000 
 Cooling: Passive Fanless Silent
 Case: CNC Machined From Solid Alloy 
 Direct Stream Ethernet Output: YES 
 USB Audio 2.0 Output:
- PCM to 32bit/768kHz
- DoP to DSD512
- Native DSD to DSD512 
 S/PDIF Output: On RCA and BNC
- PCM to 24bit/192kHz
- DoP to DSD64 
 AES3 Ouput: On XLR
- PCM to 24bit/192kHz
- DoP to DSD64 
 I2S Output: On HDMI
- PCM to 32bit/384kHz
- DoP to DSD256
- Native to DSD512 
 Optional Music Storage: Easy Self-Installable Without Tools
- 3 Bay Slide-In
- Up To 24TB 
 Hardware Modules:
V5.6H For Server Apps
V5X For Player Apps
R1I Reclocker 
 Power Supply Internal: 3 x HSL80 
 AC Power: Switchable
- 110-120VAC 60Hz 
- 220-240VAC 50Hz 
 Width 445mm (17.5in) 
 Depth: 370mm (14.5in) 
 Height: 120mm (4.7in) 
 Weight 16kg (35lb) 
 Warranty Return To Seller - 3 Years

Antipodes K50 music server review

The Antipodes K50 music server distinguished itself as the finest-sounding music server ever to grace my system. Image size and weight, color saturation, bass control, and transparency were the best my system has ever delivered. Listening was the most enjoyable and rewarding I've ever experienced at home. That is cause for celebration. more...

Due to the bespoke nature of our high-end music systems this product is not available to be purchased online. Please contact us for personalized service from one of our team of experts.