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Arcam SOLO Music


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Product Description

A decade ago, Solo redefined the style and performance of compact Hi-Fi & Music systems, bringing Arcam’s legendary sound quality into 'non Hi-Fi' homes.

The new Solo music delivers music at a quality level previously only possible from large separate components. Audiophile “Complete Stereo System in a Box” CD & SACD support Bluetooth with aptX™ streaming technology High-end audio circuitry and components with breathtaking Class G amplification.
Class G operation is a way around the traditional problem of switching distortion. In a normal push-pull Class AB amplifier circuit, a transistor only conducts half (180°) of the signal waveform, leaving the paired transistor to cover the other half. The point where the two switch between one another is plagued by non-linearites, causing distortion intrusive to the human ear. That’s why many high-end amplifiers run in Class A, keeping the output transistors constantly powered up – it gives lower distortion, but produces heat.
Arcam turns off the non-conducting transistor more slowly than in normal designs, using a mix of positive and negative feedback in the output stage. The output stage’s supply rail voltages are varied according to the signal level; it uses multiple power supplies rather than just a single one, gradually bringing in the secondary supply as the dynamic load demands it. This means it operates in near Class A mode at low levels but goes much louder in Class B when needed. This offers a cool-running amp that sounds similar to a Class A design at real-world volumes.
The Solo has an SACD/CD drive and 160W of amplification in a stylish, low-resonance enclosure; the Solo music provides high-quality room-filling sound. Four HDMI™(1.4b), coax, optical, phono and 3.5mm line inputs allow for flexible system building without being over complex. Audio can also be streamed to the movie via Bluetooth and also UPnP network either wired or wirelessly. Finally, an FM/DAB/DAB+ tuner is available. Audiophile design ensures that absolutely no sonic detail is lost. The music is supplied with a multi-page learning backlit remote control.



2 x 80W (all channels driven 8Ω)
2 x 125W (all channels driven 4Ω)
1 x SACD/CD,
4 x HDMI,
1 x SPDIF,
1 x Optical,
1 x FM/DAB/DAB+,
1 x USB,
1 xRJ45 (Net)/Wi-Fi,
1 x line, 1 x 3.5mm
W420 x H90 x D414mm
Net weight :