Choose a Source! Rotel A11 and Monitor Audio Silver 50 Combo

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Staff Pick! Amp + Speaker + Source + Free Speaker Cable

Rotel A11 Tribute Amp

Here at Soundline, we listen to many different components, figuring out good speaker/amp combinations that provide excellent bang for buck. With the Rotel A11 Tribute finally coming into the country, our first thought was to plug it into a streamer and some Bronze 200's by Monitor Audio. We were very impressed from the beginning, a significant step up from the non-tribute variant. The next step in our mind was to upgrade the speakers, and thus this package was born.

Monitor Audio Silver 50 Speakers

The Silver 50's have always been a solid choice for listeners looking for a crisp and clear sound at a low price. A WhatHiFi award winner for a good reason, the Silver 50's sing with a good amp, and the A11 Tribute fits the bill.

Choose a Source!

Rotel CD 11 CD Player

With such a good amp and speaker combo, we found a range of sources that pair well and provide clean audio for the amp and speakers to work with. We have three options, each a different type of source. The Rotel CD11 Tribute of course is a direct match to the A11 Tribute amp, both being refined by the great Ken Ishiwata. With new improved capacitors in the DAC and power supply, the CD11 can breathe new life into your old CDs.


Project Debut Carbon Evo Turntable

An upgrade to the ever-present value turntable by Project, the Debut Carbon Evo features upgrades across the board; better damping, better motor circuitry, and spectacular satin colour finishes is what you can expect from the new revision.

Bluesound Node 2i

Well respected as one of the best streamers for the price, the Bluesound Node 2i lives up to it's reputation. With a great app, and a fantastic DAC, the Node 2i is the way to go in the digital world. Stream from a number of services including Tidal and Spotify, or play ripped CD files, the Node 2i provides clean audio for any amp.

Speaker Cable - Kimber 4PR

 The veins of a system, speaker cable is important. Kimber 4PR provides high quality copper, and is braided to reject interference from outside sources such as lights, radio waves, or other electronic equipment. Best part? We're putting them in this deal for free - One pair, up to 3 meters per side. These are custom made to order, so once you put through an order online, we'll get in contact to ask what length you'd like


Give us a call, or pop into store to chat about speaker colour options as we can get them in if we don't currently have stock of a particular colour.