Entreq Konstantin Copper RCA/XLR Grounding Cable


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Its difficult to understand and believe that an Earth/Grounding cable can have a impact on the sound quality, but it clearly does.

There is no one cable fits all so Entreq offers 6 different sounding cables to suit the presentation and sound of your system.

Eartha Copper grounding cable produces a slightly warm effect.

Eartha Konstantin grounding cable produces a warm and little more detailed effect

Eartha Challenger A hybrid Copper/Silver that is rather neutral and with good details.

Eartha Silver produces a very detailed effect, especially at high frequencies.

Eartha Apollo Neutral, but very open and detailed.

Eartha Atlantis Very detailed, neutral.

These cables and the Entreq Earth boxes simply have to be tried so you can experience the full potential of your system.


  • 1  x Wooden RCA Copper connector
  • 1 x Copper Spade 
  • Internal cable inside is Copper
  • From 1.65 metres to 2.2 metres