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Two years ago Entreq introduce the Olympus line with improved performance in all parameters.

In the Olympus Entreq use a new developed mineral/metal mix wich give you a big leap in performance.

The Entreq Olympus line include Olympus Tellus, Olympus Minimus, Poseidon and now  Entreq's newest box the Olympus Ten.

With the Entreq Olympus Ten Entreq now have completed the Olympus line and they are happy to offer a Olympus box for all demands.

In the Entreq Olympus line you will find a box that fit even the finest HiFi system. The Entreq Olympus line are developed and tested on Tidal Assoluta system.

 Entreq are extremely proud to ten years after Entreq's introduction of Tellus, release Olympus Ten. This little groundbox really state that “old is the oldest”  

Entreq Olympus Ten are the result of more than ten years of experience from groundboxes and the result is stunning. The leap in performance compared with Silver Minimus is tremendous. Of cource the bigger brothers Olympus Minimus and Olympus Tellus have more solid effect, but Entreq hardly believe you ever will find any other box in this size that give you so high performance for so reasonable price.

Dimensions (WxHxD): 17cm x 8cm x 19cm

weight: 2.5kg

Connections: 1 grounding post