Grand Prix Audio Silverstone F1 - 4 Shelf 44"



Hi-Fi Rack

Despite the possibilities of surprise and improvement, most people shy away from what is new and innovative. The Silverstone is for those rare individuals who are excited by what is technically advanced and innovative.

The NEW Silverstone Component Isolation System is the most effective and efficient audio isolation design available at any price. The Silverstone attenuates vibration across the entire audio frequency bandwidth and beyond. The new Silverstone has a much lower natural frequency than any of our competition. This means it isolates much better than any of our competition. It’s a simple and unassailable fact…although we know that won’t stop the competition from making things up. No other isolation product even comes close to the levels of energy attenuation the Silverstone achieves. The Silverstone attenuates energy even at 20Hz and below. By utilizing specifically tuned dampers which have a natural frequency near 10 Hz we significantly isolate your components from even low bass energy. Our design is even more efficient in the mid range and upper octaves and offers high percentages of vibration attenuation all the way to 20KHz.

Silverstone Component Isolation Systems Key Features and Benefits

  • The F1 is supplied with Carbon Formula shelves as standard
  • Infinitely adjustable shelves - add or subtract shelves at any time and each shelf is infinitely adjustable for position and spacing.
  • Re-configuring or replacing individual shelf dampers takes owner’s only minutes.
  • Dampers can be adjusted in minutes for specific individual corner weight loading by the user.
  • Attenuates large percentages of both air borne and floor borne energy across the entire audio bandwidth.
  • Chassis frames feature multiple internal structural dampers.
  • Shelves are suspended via 6 degrees of freedom design for maximum isolation.
  • Individual corners of each shelf can be precision leveled, in addition and separate to overall unit leveling capability.
  • Shelves can be independently levelled via precision threaded links.
  • Columns are available in two standard colours – Satin Black Texture or Silver Metallic Gloss Finish.
  • Custom colors are available by special order at a modest charge.
  • Our legendary Monaco Modular classic design is fully upgradeable to the new Silverstone design.
  • APEX footers w/leveller interface and silicon nitride balls (normally an upgrade) come standard with the Silverstone F1.
  • 2 stage visco-elastic dampeners with standard maximum allowance of 150 lbs.


  • Height: 1117.6mm
  • Overall Outside Dimensions:
  • Small Shelf Large Shelf
  • Width: 724mm 724mm same as Small Shelf
  • Depth: 787.4mm 635mm
  • Shelf Dimensions: Small Shelf Large Shelf Width: 527mm 533.4mm Depth: 451mm 592mm
  • Weight: Dependant upon height, for reference a 52” 4 shelf Silverstone unit weighs in excess of 300 pounds.
  • Weight-bearing capacity: 150 pounds per shelf standard. Heavier loads are possible on a case by case basis.
  • Materials: Carbon Fiber, Kevlar Fiber, Stainless Steel, and Aluminum

Due to the bespoke nature of our high-end music systems this product is not available to be purchased online. Please contact us for personalized service from one of our team of experts.