Kimber HERO WBT 0114 RCA Interconnect

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HERO™ WBT 0114 RCA Analogue Interconnect.

Kimber's WBT 0114 RCA Interconnect is consistently rated as one of the best interconnects year after year. One of our leading choice cables for many system builds.

Made up of four 19AWG conductors insulated with virgin FEP dielectric. The HERO's four wire quadratic braid provides wide bandwidth and noise reduction without the use of shielding. The four-wire braided geometry also produces ideal results when used in a balanced system with XLR connections for additional immunity to noise and signal degradation. A balance between low capacitance and low to moderate series induction make HERO an ideal solution for low-level signals i.e interconnects.

"For all my listening, I used Kimber's 8TC speaker cables and a 0.5m pair of Hero interconnects. These wire goods are of the strong, silent, John Wayne type—they just shut up and get the job done." - Stereophile. Read review here.


  • Gyroquadratic Field Geometry
  • Hyper pure copper conductors
  • Varistrand™
  • Dual Teflon™ Insulating Technology
  • Available in Ultraplate™ or WBT™ 0144 RCA Connectors (additional cost) unbalanced RCA
  • Parallel capacitance: 76.5pF @ 20kHz 
  • Series inductance: 0.401H @ 20kHz 
  • DC loop resistance: 0.033Ω 
  • Total reactance: 0.051Ω @ 20kHz 
  • Frequency response: 0.5 dB DC - 8MHz