Kimber KS2416 USB Cable

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Audiophile USB Cable CU Type A - B Bus.

Introducing the select copper Kimber KS-2416 from the KS2400 series of Kimber Select USB cables.

Over the past few years computer audio has emerged as a premier source for all listeners. The advantage of storing your music in a lossless format, all in one place and with instant access has become a highly viable alternative to traditional media. Together with a USB enabled DAC, you can enjoy your music like never before.

With these developments comes the need to ensure that the quality of signal produced by high-end DACs is not compromised by the cable transferring it. Enter, the new Select range of USB cables from Kimber.

With the success of their B BUS USB cables, Kimber took a step back and looked at how they could improve the cable using Select technology. One immediate issue that had to be addressed was the limitation of mass production – traditional production methods are simply inadequate to achieve the levels of performance required for ultimate musical performance.

With KS-2400 series, Kimber has really broken the mould: each cable is handcrafted by Kimber’s own expert technicians using their artisan approach, the finest materials and finished with bespoke USB plugs.


So what does it sound like?

Well, pretty amazing actually. It’s like the cables capture more music, more detail and with greater accuracy of the instruments or vocals you’re listening to. If you have a high quality USB DAC and you want to hear what it’s really capable of, try one for yourself – we think you’ll be shocked by the difference…


Custom USB plugs (A to B only)
Solid core copper signal conductors
VariStrand power conductors
Braided geometry
Dual layer frequency optimized shielding
Handmade by Kimber.

"The performance of the cable is excellent in several important ways. First, it’s extremely good at soundstage resolution, presenting a large, open, and particularly deep image on all kinds of music. It doesn’t matter how complex or how simple the sound is; it works exceptionally well and teases out a fine soundstage from the recording." - Alan Sircom, Hi-Fi Plus Magazine