Kimber USB AG Cable (A-Mini B)


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USB Cable AG Type A - Mini B

Kimber have developed two cables, designed to improve the performance of devices linked to your computer like the Meridian Director, RAVE 1 USB amp and essentiall any USB enabled DAC.

Kimber's Ag™ USB cables take the performance of their original USB cables one step higher, by using pure silver conductors for the signal (the original cables featured silver-plated copper for the signal). In addition, the cables feature a crimped and soldered technique of attaching the custom-plugs to the cable - the only USB cable, to our knowledge, that employs such a robust type of connection.

Listening tests have shown that the sound is sweeter and more natural with the silver USB cable in place, with better bass and a more open sound. It has to be the cable of choice if you are connecting your computer to any kind of DAC that features a USB input.

  • Pure silver signal conductors.
  • 6.1% silver-plated copper conductors.
  • 6.1% silver-plated drain and shield wire.
  • High-density polyethylene signal conductor dielectric.
  • All USB cable terminated with Type A at the computer end
  • Type Mini B connector (destination end)