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Stereo DSP Loudspeaker System.

Stunning design, uniquely engineered form, and a plethora of high-tech features, the Meridian Audio Core 200 and DSP3200 Loudspeaker system is instantly recognisable as a Meridian design. The DSP3200’s beautifully mirroring the curves of Meridian’s flagship DSP8000 Loudspeaker, this compact system provides performances beyond its compact dimensions. Combine this system with the optional Meridian Media Core 200 Music Server and you have up to 2,000 CD albums at full lossless quality. A blend of Meridian's world-leading engineering with today's technology.


The Audio Core 200 is a stereo audio controller, designed to unify all your audio sources and form an elegant system with the Meridian DSP3200’s. It forms an easy connection with your CD player, radio tuner, set-top box, games console, media player, PC and more. Not content with that, the Audio Core 200 also contains some of the most powerful audio enhancement technologies in the world. Also fully compatible with Meridian’s Digital Media System and i80 Dock for iPod, the Audio Core 200 is a case-study in high-tech audio design. It is truly equipped to be the heart of your system.


The Audio Core 200 is designed to unify all your sources, and deliver the signal, in pristine condition, to the DSP3200’s. Simple, single-wire connection to the speakers makes it as easy to set-up as its high-tech design and performance are easy to love. Incoming analogue signals are converted to digital at 96kHz sampling, and all inputs are processed using Meridian’s advanced processing tech. This includes Meridian's ‘apodising’ filter, which delivers crystalline sound quality and can even clean up the results of poor digital filtering originated at earlier stages of the recording process.


This state-of-the-art audio processing is combined with highly effective treble and bass controls, and a stereo width control that lets you optimise the stereo soundstage relative to the positions of your speakers. Simply widen the soundstage when your speakers need to be closer together, or optimise if for normal conditions when it’s possible to position them farther apart. With nine intelligent, front panel keys, an advanced OLED display and a wide range of connections, it all adds up to a stereo controller worthy of its place at the beating heart of your system.

The ideal hub to unify all of your audio sources, the Audio Core 200 forms an elegant stereo system with the DSP3200’s.

State-of-the-art design elegance with easy connection with the widest possible range of audio sources – including CD player, radio tuner, set-top box, games console, media player, PC audio (via USB), and a Meridian SpeakerLink input for single-wire connection to a Meridian Digital Media System.

Intelligent front-panel controls with smart buttons for intuitive control, and an auto-dimming OLED display that maintains optimum brightness for readability.


The precision-manufactured cabinet for the DSP3200 Loudspeaker is finished in a high-gloss white and high-gloss black, and is perfectly suited to an extensive variety of room locations including bookshelf, on wall, as well as on floor stands. Like all Meridian Loudspeakers, the DSP3200 employs Meridian’s award-winning DSP technologies; each DSP3200 contains amplification, on-board digital signal processing, and two drivers. The result is a strikingly attractive loudspeaker that provides a perfect entry into the range of DSP Loudspeakers.


Meridian’s elegant DSP3200 loudspeakers echo the lines of Meridian’s flagship DSP8000 and are the most compact Meridian loudspeakers designed to date.

DSP3200 loudspeakers always deliver clear, accurate, quality sound – even at high levels and for prolonged periods. Meanwhile, sophisticated DSP-based loudness controls allow the DSP3200 to deliver a bigger sound that remains balanced at low listening levels.

The DSP3200 is perfectly suited to a wide range of room positions – on or in furniture, on floor stands or on wall brackets.

Meridian’s DSP Loudspeaker technologies deliver powerful, room-filling sound with the performance of a conventional speaker eight times the physical volume.

Sophisticated DSP-based loudness control allows DSP3200 to deliver a bigger sound that remains balanced even at low listening levels.

Perfectly suited to a wide range of room positions – on or in furniture, on floor stands or on wall brackets.

König & Meyer 24471 wall bracket optionally allows inverted installation, so DSP3200 fits discreetly into corner locations while DSP audio controls allow it to continue to deliver maximum audio quality.


Onboard Digital Signal Processing for dynamic bass protection with exceptionally accurate transients. DSP3200 always delivers clear, accurate, quality sound even at high levels and for prolonged periods.

Meridian SpeakerLink connectivity makes DSP3200 quick and easy to set up and install.

Featuring a wide-range driver that allows the DSP crossover frequency to be well outside the speech band, the DSP3200 delivers an effortless sound that remains clear, open and spacious, even at high listening levels.


The traditional setup – amplifiers driving passive loudspeakers – is inefficient, limiting sound quality. Meridian loudspeakers contain a complete, matched audio system with efficient DSP crossovers, multiple DACs and driver-specific amplifiers, giving higher overall quality, less power use, and the performance of a traditional loudspeaker eight times the physical volume.



  • Meridian SpeakerLink (RJ45) 
  • 2 x S/PDIF coax (phono) 
  • 2 x 3.5mm combination jack socket for mini-optical or stereo analogue 
  • 2 x Stereo Analogue (phono) 
  • USB for use as external computer sound card 
  • i80 connector (Mini-DIN)


  • Twin Meridian SpeakerLink 
  • (Master & Slave, RJ45) with MHR
  • 3.5mm Stereo Headphone out 
  • (optionally mutes speakers)


  • Upsampling to 2xfs (88.2/96 kHz). 
  • (Output is always high resolution)
  • Meridian ‘Apodising’ filter cleans up muddiness in digital recordings


  • Allows access to DSP speaker functions such as Treble, Bass, Stereo Width, Loudness, etc
  • Nine front-panel keys, five of which are context-defined. 
  • Large knob for volume control and muting
  • IR remote control (included)
  • USB connector for serial control and maintenance


  • OLED (Organic LED) display with automatic brightness feature (can also be dimmed/brightened/disabled manually)


  • 12v DC, <=300mA, provided by external wall-mounted universal supplyFinishHigh gloss black or high gloss white.


  • 2.7 kg (6 lbs)


  • 280 x 280 x 91mm (11 x 11 x 3.6 in)
  • including feet but not including control knob (WHD)



  • Frequency response in-room within 3dB from 45Hz to over 20kHz.
  • Output >105dB spl @ 1m on music material.
  • Noise less than 15dB spl.


  • Meridian SpeakerLink in and out (RJ45)


  • 2-way sealed enclosure system.


  • 1 x 165mm polypropylene bass driver.
  • 1 x 85mm aluminium cone wide-range driver.


  • Two 75W power amplifiers, one for each driver.
  • Overall distortion typically <0.02% at any frequency or level.


  • Floor-mounting on stands
  • Free-standing on shelf, etc
  • Wall mounting via König & Meyer 24471 bracket allows upright or inverted orientation.


  • Height: 320mm (without feet); width: 244mm at base, tapering to 134mm; depth: 246mm at base,tapering to 179mm.


  • 8.5kg per unit.