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MERIDIAN G95 Surround Receiver

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Product Description

TRADE-IN, Integrated 5 x 100w Receiver with CD/DVD Player. 

The Meridian G95 is a high performance audio and video component that plays CD, DVD, and AM/FM radio, and produces 5.1-channel surround sound using Meridian's latest digital amplifier technology. The hand-built G95 is designed and manufactured entirely by Meridian at its facility in Cambridgeshire, UK.

The G95 processes video images using both Meridian and Faroudja technology, and outputs them via HDMI, the latest, all-digital audio/video connection format. From the HDMI output, the G95's video processing can deliver 1080p images as well as the full range of video resolutions, including 1080i, 720p, and 480p, and convert/scale signals from any of its analog-video inputs for maximum resolution. The G95 also uses a single HDMI cable to link to the display device—a simple digital path.

The Meridian G95 outputs five channels of superb, dynamically robust, high-current amplification carefully engineered to power a 5.1-channel surround system to the highest standard of sound quality. The G95 delivers 100 watts to all channels, individually or simultaneously, in any combination. It also includes line-level outputs for all channels, permitting outboard power amplifiers to contribute higher power, or the user to expand a surround system beyond 5.1 channels.


  • Complete surround system in a single chassis – just add speakers
  • 5 x 100W power amplifiers to drive the speakers of your choice
  • 5.1 analogue line-level outputs
  • Multiple analogue and digital inputs
  • Powerful video processor; HDMI out at up to 1080p
  • Digital upsampling and buffering delivers spectacular quality
  • ROM drive improves error correction over ten times
  • AM/FM RDS tuner

"In action, the G95's balance appears almost unburstably muscular, either in stereo or in surround use, but it's also far richer than is typical of digital amps: you don't hear any sense of harshness or grit to the sound. It simply grips the rhythm with terrier-like tenacity, providing controlled dynamics and very impressive detail." - What Hi-Fi? Full review available here.

"This is an amazing piece of audio gear. First off, Meridian has employed everything they've learned over the years to make this an amazing-sounding piece, especially when considering it's a single box. Second, it has 5.1 analog outputs, so should you move out of your small condo one day and need more power, no problem. Just add some amps and you are still in the game. To top it off, the unit is built like a tank and weighs over 30 pounds. Clearly, Meridian built this to last for years to come." Home Theatre Full review available here.

Original RRP $11,999. Trade-in unit, tidy condition. Includes Meridian MSR+ remote.


  • INPUTS: Analogue: 3 x stereo inputs, unbalanced 0.5–2.5V RMS on phono. Digital S/PDIF: 2 x stereo coax inputs and two stereo Toslink optical inputs.
  • OUTPUTS: 5 x Class D amplifier outputs (Left Front, Centre Front, Right Front, Left Surround, Right Surround) each delivering 100W per channel into 8Ω. Line-level analogue outputs (Left Front, Centre Front, Right Front, Left Surround, Right Surround) on phono connectors. HDMI 2 channel (≤192kHz) or 6 channel/bitstream (≤96kHz) digital output (With video).
  • CONTROL: 2 x DIN and 1 x BNC Meridian Comms, 3 x Trigger (+12v, 150mA), IR in, USB, RS232 remote control/configuration
  • System capabilities: Multichannel AM-FM/FM-DAB Receiver and CD/DVD player system with on-board surround decoding (Dolby, DTS, MPEG, Trifield) and up sampling of stereo signals, can directly drive up to 5 passive loudspeakers (Left Front, Centre Front, Right Front, Left Surround, Right Surround) plus analogue active subwoofer, or external 5.1 amplifier/speaker combinations.
  • VIDEO PROCESSOR: Two composite video inputs, one component input, three S-Video inputs. Composite, S-Video, component and HDMI outputs (HDCP-compatible, also carries 2 channel/bitstream audio), outputs all simultaneously active; selected video input is converted to all formats at valid resolutions (Except non-interlaced component input which bypasses processor). Faroudja DCDi® scaling and de-interlacing technology. HDMI port supports 480p,576p, 720p, 1080i and 1080p. Analogue component out at 480p and 576p (Plus 1080i component pass-through).
  • CONTROLS: Front-panel soft keys include control of Source, Mute, Power and Display buttons, rotary DSP volume control. Full remote control via MSR+ and serial. Serial and USB link also used for firmware updates. Configuration via serial/USB or front panel
  • DISPLAY: Multi-character matrix Vacuum Fluorescent Display
  • CONSTRUCTION: Meridian Silver in metal and glass
  • DIMENSIONS: Width: 440mm; Depth: 350mm plus connectors; Height: 90mm
  • WEIGHT: 13.5 kg