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Studio is a premium loudspeaker offering absolute performance from within the clean lines of its compact cabinet. The shape and configuration have been designed to deliver a detailed and powerful audio reproduction that is usually associated with larger loudspeakers.


Since 1972 Monitor Audio has been at the leading edge of loudspeaker design and technology, renowned for exemplary speaker cabinet construction and finishes. The quest to design an elegant and powerful loudspeaker that will grace any setting has led to the creation of Studio. With a sleek silhouette, unique design touches, and featuring technologies from Monitor Audio’s flagship Platinum II series, Studio sets a fresh audio benchmark.

Studio is a premium loudspeaker offering absolute performance from within the clean lines of its compact cabinet. The speaker’s architecture has been configured to deliver the most faithful sound reproduction possible.

The grille-less design ensures the speaker’s voice is clear and true, and lets the drivers become an eye-catching focal point. The two metallic-silver RDT II speaker cones deliver an optimum high-end performance that will delight music lovers. The honeycomb tweeter cover adds a contemporary edge to the speaker’s form, and the bespoke aluminium badge at the cabinet’s base gives a stylish design touch.

Handcrafted, and available in a sleek satin black, white or grey finish, Studio is a stunning addition to any room.


Studio’s dual 4" drivers are modified versions of those used in Monitor Audio’s flagship Platinum PL500 II speaker. Their sound is clear and natural, with deep bass and plenty of mid-range detail.

The drivers are designed to be incredibly low in distortion and use the same magnetic design principles and material choice as the class-leading Platinum speakers. An MPD (Micro Pleated Diaphragm) high frequency transducer has been designed to provide incredible articulation due to its low mass diaphragm. MPD transducers work in the same way as a super-fast accordion by rapidly squeezing the pleats to produce a smooth, wide and naturally fast response way into the ultra-sonic band. As a result, the sound is more lifelike, releasing the high harmonic spectrum of every note without the distortion that blurs definition.


Studio’s elegant cabinet is tuned using two rear-mounted HiVe II ports at the top and bottom of the cabinet. The dual ports ensure the pressure inside the cabinet is symmetrically balanced and that there is no turbulence and subsequent air noise. HiVe II technology ensures air moves in and out much quicker than a conventional port, resulting in fast, powerful bass coupled with a superior transient response.

High-grade polypropylene film capacitors, air-core and laminated steel-core inductors have been selected to preserve the best possible signal integrity. The purist electrical chain is complemented by a pair of precisely machined terminals developed for the Platinum Series. These are rhodium plated to provide the lowest contact resistance and long-term consistency.

The drivers are surrounded and clamped by a rigid die-cast aluminium sub-baffle to provide rigidity. The mechanical structure is enhanced further using renowned bolt-through driver technology to provide the ultimate cabinet bracing.


• Delivers detailed and accurate audio performance

• Ultra-slim, compact cabinet profile

• 2 x 4" RDT II drivers with C-CAM technology and featuring rigid cast polymer chassis

• MPD (Micro Pleated Diaphragm) high-frequency transducer, designed in-house for Monitor Audio’s flagship Platinum II speakers

• HiVe II High-Velocity reflex slot configuration ports

• Precision-machined, Rhodium plated speaker terminals

• Rigid die-cast metal sub-baffle to clamp drivers securely

• Bolt through driver technology: clearer sound and cleaner aesthetics

• Contemporary satin finish in black, white or grey

• Optional dedicated floor stand (STAND) in black or white finishes

Frequency Response: - 6dB: 48Hz - 60kHz

Sensitivity (1W@1m): 86 dB

Maximum SPL: 110 dBA (Pair)

Nominal Impedance: 4 ohms

Power Handling (RMS): 120 W

Recommended Amplifier Requirements (RMS): 40 - 100 W

Cabinet Design: Dual slot Bass reflex – HiVe II port system

Crossover Frequency: 2.7kHz

Drive Unit Complement: 2 x 4" RDT II drivers with C-CAM technology, 1 x MPD high-frequency transducer

External Dimensions: 340 x 157 x 361 (H x W x D mm)

Weight (Individual): 7.6 Kg

It offers one of the most effortlessly cohesive performances that’s available at the price and the sort of transparency that is usually the preserve of far more expensive speakers. The Studio might have arrived as something of a surprise, but its presence is an enormously welcome one. more...

Monitor Audio Studio Standmount Speaker

Monitor Audio’s Studio speakers are solid-sounding beasts with really superb design aesthetics. They’re sleek and modern and would look good in any living room. I absolutely recommend these to anyone looking for their first big upgrade, anyone who loves sleek modern design, anyone who wants great sound, really anyone who loves good audio. more...