Opera-Consonance Cyber 880 Tube Power Amplifier



Stereo Power amplifier, with visible bias meter, 6550 x 8, 5687x 2, ECC82 x3, 100W

Cyber880 is an extremely potent amplifier with power, superb definition, and great control. Using eight beam power output tubes and a low-mu octal driver, this amplifier possesses an uncanny ability to reveal every nuance in a recording, while preserving the emotion and feel necessary for a truly musical performance. In addition to finesse, it has great power, impact, control, and a low electrical noise floor. This remarkable overall character makes it suitable for use with speakers ranging from high efficiency to the most difficult and demanding.

The aluminum front panel and top cover are finished in hand rubbed silver metallic lacquer, with bias meter and tube adjusters that make it easy to maintain and optimize. Output matching taps are provided for 4, and 8 ohm speakers.

100W Pentode powerhouse. Weighs a lot. Hugely powerful. Sounds great, looks great and doesn't cost as much as you'd expect. What's not to like? HiFi+ Magazine 2010 full review available here


  • POWER OUTPUT 100 watt x 2, RMS 1kHz ( Ultra-linear )
  • TOTAL HARMONIC DISTORTION less than 1%( 50watt, 1kHz )
  • FREQUENCY RESPONSE ( -3dB points at 50 watt ) 6Hz-80kHz
  • INPUT IMPEDANCE 100k ohms
  • OUTPUT IMPEDANCE 4, 8 ohms. ( User selectable )
  • CONSUMPTION 300watt
  • INPUT INTERFACES 1 group ( RCA )
  • VACUUM TUBE KT88 x 8, 5687x 2, ECC82 x3
  • DIMENSIONS 450 (L) x430 (W) x190(H)mm
  • WEIGHT 35kg