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PureAudio Reference 2 Monoblock Amplifier (Pair)


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Product Description

The latest iteration of PureAudio's pure Class A monoblock design, now in its second revision. Building on the brilliant first revision, the power output has a slight increase, and the audio circuitry and power supply design have been refined. The Reference 2 maintains its 'tube-like' sound, eschewing any hardness or sterility typically associated with solid state amplifier topology. Class A amplifiers are known to be hungry on power consumption, so to avoid energy wastage, the amp is designed to fall back automatically to a low power standby mode when not in use.


Power: 70 Watts continuous into 8 Ohms pure Class A
Frequency Response: Flat from 10Hz to 100kHz
Input Impedance: 47k Ohms
Distortion: Typically <0.01% under normal operation
Current Output: 40A peak capability
Hum & Noise: Inaudible
Gain: 28dB
Control Terminals: 12V trigger in and 12V trigger loop out.
Power Consumption In use: 180 Watts
Dimensions: 410mm deep, 480mm wide, 115mm high
Weight: 16kg