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Quad 11L Classic Bookshelf Speakers

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Product Description

2-way Bookshelf Speaker. Ex-Demo (1pr only)

The Quad 11L Classic is the first model in the L Classic Series. It employs the format and characteristics of its award-winning forebears, but in its formulation and construction is a major advancement in performance. It is tonally balanced to suit all music genres and is virtually unrivalled in its ability to retrieve all nuances captured by recording engineers, whilst avoiding a clinical sound. It is thoroughly musically involving for the listener, majoring in timbral accuracy, exceptional detail retrieval and low colouration, the 11L Classic is everything a small monitor-class loudspeaker is meant to be, and it perfectly follows Quad’s tradition of ‘the closest approach to the original sound’.

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L Classics long-throw Kevlar driver is manufactured using our proprietary bi-directional Kevlar weave, made from a self-damping resin-impregnated fibre form of the material that is then lattice woven to create the appropriate stiffness, strength and weight, and later form into a cone mounted on a butyl rubber surround.

The L Classic tweeter utilises a precision-engineered wave guide to integrate the midrange treble in a totally coherent way. The motor system of the bass-midrange unit has been critically aligned for improved linear motion and low distortion. Acoustically the drive units are combined by an advanced phrase-linear crossover utilising low distortion inductors and high clarity polypropylene capacitors in the signal path. Phase coherency is particular important to ensure the bass integrated perfectly with the treble and of course to create a truly holographic stereo image - the hallmark of the classic Quad sound.

A high efficiency, double hand-wound voice coil tracks the signal, with the high-gauss magnet assembly pricing momentum for movement. This dual 25mm voice could of the bass driver is wound on an aluminium alloy carrier or ‘bobbin’. This dissipates heat from the central coil region to maintain peak performance and optimum excursion of the long-throw driver. The coils are vented to reduct the effect of any pressure build up in the central cone region. A strong die cast aluminium alloy chassis assembly is an essential part of the design, keeping everything taut and under control, even when encountering large transients and extremes of power.

L Classic speakers have two pairs of binding posts for bi-wiring. This involves the use of two pairs of separate cables between the amplifier and the loudspeakers. One connects to the treble unit while the other to the bass-midrange driver. Using separate cables for treble and bass units reduces intermodulation effects while improving headroom and clarity.

The L Classic range features a multi-layer cabinet construction couple with additional internal bracing to significantly reduce cabinet colouration and resonance. Special internal long fibre damping is utilised to randomise internal reflections and thus prevent standing waves from forming. The result is that you hear the output of the drive units without interference from the cabinet structure or reflected sound from the internal volume.

"Refinement and poise beyond their price allied to superb finish- there's nothing more you could reasonably ask of these speakers" - Hi-Fi World (July 2011).



  • 11L Classic

General Description

  • 2-way bookshelf speaker

Enclosure Type

  • Bass reflex

Bass/Mid Driver

  • 125mm woven Kevlar cone

Treble Driver

  • 25mm fabric dome

Magnetic Shielding

  • No

Crossover Frequency

  • 2.2kHz

Frequency Response (+/-3dB)

  • 48Hz-22kHz

Sensitivity (2.83V@1m)

  • 87dB

Recommended Amplifier Power

  • 30-150W

Nominal Impedance

  • 6Ohms

Minimum Impedance

  • 4.2 Ohms

Size (H×W×D)

  • 310×190×263 (mm)

Net Weight

  • 6.3kg each

Standard Accessories

  • Spikes, plinth, user manual, certificate, gloves