Questyle QP2R HiRes Portable Audio Player with HB2 HiFi Hub system


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QP2R and HB2 HiFi Hub system

The Questyle QP2R is a portable audio player offering sound quality comparable to a premium desktop headphone/DAC combination, but at a lower price point and in a compact, pocket-sized package. Paired with the HB2 hub, it offers outstanding music playback on the go, and at home.

QP2R High resolution portable audio player

The Questyle QP2R maintains the style of QP1R. With twin control wheels, the helm style volume control inspired by a fine watch, and the patented design of hollowed-out protective crown against inadvertent volume change or accidental damage to headphone plugs. The perfect aluminum finishing, the unbroken lines flowing with a smooth-faced structure, and the machined Gorilla Glass panels, all of which are telling that Questyle has strict requirements on manufacturing.

The QP2R combines outstanding audio performance with unchanged size, double the driving power and low power consumption. The perfect combination for easily driving any headphone. Questyle sticks to their core values of outstanding audio performance and a premium listening experience. 


HB2 Hi-Fi Hub System 

The Questyle HB2 Hi-Fi Hub System docks the QP2R so you can continue to enjoy your music when you arrive home. It has a convenient physical remote control that allows control over playback, as well as menu navigation, from a distance. The Hub extends the outputs of the QP2R through RCA connections, into your hi-fi system. You have the option to choose between digtial and analog output to your system.

In design terms the Questyle HB2 Hub follows the cues of the QP2R, also protecting against vibration by using solid aircraft-grade aluminum together with a special silicone material on the base, supporting the player. 


High performance current mode headphone amplifier,

Class A full discrete circuit.

True DSD64/128/256 and PCM 384kHz/16,24,32 bit

AKM AK4490 DAC chip.

Selectable gain control between High/Middle/Low.

Internal 64GB memory plus max 2TB Micro SD card slot.

questyle qp2r review

The QP2R is a winner , pure and simple . ...It offers sound quality competitive with many premium desktop headphone amp /DACs , but at a lower price point and in a compact , pocket-sized package Enthusiastically recommended. more...