Roksan Xerxes turntable package

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Ex-demo Roksan turntable package

Roksan Xerxes 20 Turntable

The Xerxes 20 Plus is the result of ongoing research, development and refinement of the ideas behind the original Xerxes Turntable.

 At the heart of Xerxes 20 Plus Turntable is Roksan’s unique and formidable self centring, self aligning true single point Main Bearing. The innovative design of this bearing provides almost silent, frictionless rotation, precisely defining the rotational axis. The only contact is between the polished Spindle tip and the captive Tungsten Carbide super precision ball. The Spindle is made from hardened steel and is ground with a taper that locates into the Inner Platter without the use of adhesive or the need for pressing.

Roksan Xerxes turntable

SARA tonearm and Caspian reference speed control

This Xerxes turntable comes complete with an an audiophile grade SARA tonearm that that incorporates a range of design elements that give a highly detailed and open sound. Featuring high-quality materials and mechanical parts, it also has a ‘less is more’ aesthetic that will appeal to many, and a luxurious operational feel that accentuates pride of ownership.

The RPM speed control is the Reference Speed Controller for all Xerxes turntables. Featuring a super high-quality crystal speed control system and a reference linear DS1.5 power supply, it maintains pitch perfect speed stability for both 33 and 45 RPM.

Caspian Reference Phono Speed Control