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Shunyata Research Cobra ZiTron Digital Interconnect 1 metre


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Product Description

Digital Interconnect

Shunyata's ZiTron Cobra digital cables are perhaps the best examples of ZiTron technology's profound impact on sound. Compared to other ZiTron signal cables, the Cobra digital cables showcase the most dramatic improvement in square-wave response. Shunyata's Caelin Gabriel has demonstrated this at trade shows to the amazement of engineers and industry professionals alike. Several visiting engineers commented that the  Digital cables may represent a singular advance in digital signal technology because of their obviously reduced distortion characteristics. Due to the higher frequency of the digital signal, the Cobra digital cable design took much longer to perfect than the rest of the signal cables. Their more complex architecture proved worth the extra effort because both models represent the best measured examples of the of performance gains realized when using  technology.

The Cobra digital cables can be used as digital cable references in literally any professional, home-entertainment or recording application. Whether in Pro Tools or as a Transport to DA link, the Cobra digital cables have proven themselves in every conceivable context. Both models can be made for RCA and AES-EBU connection. Due to their unique ZiTron technology and its profound impact on measured performance, Shunyata recommends auditioning the cables as a system whenever possible. ZiTron digital cables can be auditioned on their own or as part of any system, however when applied as part of a complete ZiTron cable system, the performance impact is magnified to a degree that one has to experience to fully appreciate.

Model Difference

The fundamental difference between the Cobra and Python digital cables lies within the difference in their conductors. Like all PowerSnakes signal, power cords and Hydra, CDA 101 Alpha Cryo treated copper is used in the digital cable models. The Cobra model uses stranded copper wire, while the Python uses Shunyata's VTX (Virtual Tube Conductor Geometry). This micro-wire VTX geometry confers a subtle but noticeable advantage in sonics (but not measurement) to the Python level. However, for anyone with digital cables of ANY other type, style or design, the Cobra model will demonstrate a profound sense of timing, resolution and clarity that is without peer. Both models have been tested in some of the most highly calibrated professional, recording and sound systems in the world. For absolute reference systems, the Python may be the obvious choice, but either model stands alone in terms of performance comparison with any other Digital cable, at any price.



  • 20AWG Wire
  • 1 metre length
  • RCA or balanced