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Principia 1

Principia embodies the idea of a beginning, a foundation:
plain and essential lines, like the ones that define the speaker’s design,
and a name that stands for one’s starting point and entry in the high end world.


A perfect sound is a right for all Music lovers.
This is the Sonus faber’s unwavering belief that inspired the creation of Principia collection, a family of entry level loudspeakers that makes high-end audio easier to achieve by those entering the high fidelity world as well as for those who are still looking for the right speaker that suits their musical tastes.


The five speakers that make up the Principia collection offer optimal solutions for both lovers of traditional stereophonic listening and for anyone who wants to create home theater systems for every type of experience.
Two floor-standing models, two for bookshelf or support and a central channel offer a range of combinations that are well suited to any environment, from the largest living room to the smallest and most intimate listening room.

Building on the know-how and experience gained in more than thirty years
of designing high-end speakers, Sonus faber has created a collection designed
for a modern and contemporary clientele that is seeking for simple and
affordable listening solutions without having to compromise when it comes to acoustic perfection.

 SYSTEM: 2 way stand mount bookshelf vented box
- Tw: Ø 29 mm
- Md: 1 x Ø 150 mm
 FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 50 Hz – 25.000 Hz
 SENSITIVITY: 87 dB SPL (2.83 V/1m)
 SUGGESTED AMPLIFIER POWER OUTPUT: 50W – 300W, without clipping
 DIMENSIONS (HXWXD): 320 x 175 x 280 mm
 WEIGHT: 5 Kg ea – net weight