Sugden Masterclass IA-4 Integrated Amplifier

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In like-new condition! This Sugden Masterclass amplifier sounds big and weighs a ton. A client of ours bought this amp and had it for just over two months, before trading it in for an upgrade (that just happened to be playing as he visited the store, and which immediately fell in love with).

This Class A amplifier has a warm sound, and will easily drive most floor standing speakers. With an RRP of $10,995, this is a great deal on what is essentially a just-run-in brand new amp.

You're more than welcome to come in for a demo - give us a call to book, or simply pop in to Soundline Wellington for a listen.

Below is an excerpt from the Sugden official website:

The IA-4 is our flagship and most popular integrated amplifier. Weighing a substantial 20 kilos the IA-4 has a purposeful look and impressive build quality. Plenty of input and output facilities are on offer including a high quality phono stage. The class A power output circuit has been upgraded from the A21 series with a larger power supply and improved soothing and output capacitors. Gold plated circuit boards, full relay switching and a precision input selector switch offer further detailing. The pre-amplifier section of the IA-4 is a bespoke design, with surprising clarity and detail. The most noticeable feature is the ability to create a large performance with depth and height on any type of music.


Inputs:  Three line level, tape, MM phono, balanced

Outputs: Variable pre-out, fixed out, loudspeaker out

Volume:  Control Remote control RC5 compatible

Tape: Monitor and record off

Line Input sensitivity: 125mV

Phono Input Sensitivity: 2mV (MM)

Power Output 33 Watts per channel

Frequency Response: +/-1dB 14Hz-200kHz

Bandwidth: 6Hz-300kHz

Signal to Noise: >84dB

Weight: 20kgs

Dimensions: 165 x 430 x 440mm (hwd)