Well Tempered Royale 400 Turntable

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Sheer musical joy

The flagship turntable from Well Tempered Lab. The Royale 400 brings some unique features that guarantee a great performance.

One thing the Royale 400 doesn't come with is unwanted vibration, which is controlled in three ways. Firstly by the unique 'golf ball' tonearm suspended in silicone fluid which provides outstanding variable damping. The plinth itself combats vibration through damping material that is built in between the anodised aluminium top and bottom layers, and also between the motor and tonearm coupling. Finally, the substantial mass of the plinth is isolated by rubber feet.

The Royale 400 comes complete with a purely mechanical 16” (400mm) LTD tonearm.

Unmistakably Well Tempered Lab with the emphasis on not only legendary performance but also providing exceptionally good looks.



  • Multi-layer “baltic” plywood central layer.
  • Switchable 33 to 45 RPM
  • Anodized aluminium top and bottom layers.
  • Proprietary rubber damping material between layers, motor and tonearm coupling.
  • Isolation feet capable of supporting the heavy plinth.
  • Electronic servo speed controlled motor.
  • Refined platter assembly and zero clearance main bearing.
  • The now purely mechanical LTD tonearm with 16” (400mm) arm tube.
  • Symmetrex tone arm configuration with golf ball suspended in silicone fluid for optimum variable damping
  • “Zero Clearance” platter bearing
  • 0.004” polyester thread belt
  • Easy azimuth adjustment
Well Tempered Royale 400 turntable

What this turntable does do though, and far, far better than any in my previous experience is convey the performance of the piece. That’s what strikes one first, the sheer believability of what’s before you. After living with the Royale 400 for two whole weeks my only disappointment was the following two weeks getting over its return. more...