Accuphase CD & SACD players 2022

Accuphase CD & SACD players 2022

Long live the CD

CD's are far from dead. There are some large collections out there that have been carefully collated over many years, and for good reasons.

Although there are plenty of tracks available on the streaming platforms, there are still artists and tracks that aren't always available. Some indie or classical music can still be tricky to find and owning your favourite music can certainly be appealing.

The quality of CD and especially SACD audio is another big reason that people continue to amass CD's. While streaming continues to get better all the time, for many people the CD is still king. 

The argument that LP's are still around partly due to the intimacy of having a physical copy to hold is also applicable to CD's. Liner notes, nostalga and the sense of ownership all contribute to a more personal listening experience that music fans continue to support.

If you're one of the many that are invested in the format, then it only makes sense that you'd have a CD player capable of getting the most from your collection. For us here at Soundline, this invariably means something from the Accuphase range. Currently the range is made up of 3 models: the DP-450, DP-570 and DP-750. All are very capable players that will do a great job of sitting atop your signal chain. All three have some great design, componentry and specifications but as is often the case, that's only part of the story. In the video below we go over some of the differences between the models and also offer some opinions on how each one sounds.