Multi-room Audio & Video

A multi-room audio/video system is the convenient method of bringing the enjoyment of music and video to any room of you home, both indoors or outdoors.

We at Soundline are experienced at designing, installing and commissioning multi-room systems in new homes, renovations and using wireless systems into established homes.

When planning your new system, here are a key questions to consider:

  1. Would you like multi-room audio throughout your entire home or to most rooms (but excluding, say, the utility and garage) or to a few key rooms e.g. the main living and entertaining areas and possibly bedrooms and bathrooms?
  2. Would you like a dedicated media room?
  3. Is high-quality sound a priority?
  4. Is a high-quality TV or projector a priority?
  5. Do you like speakers standing on the floor or would you prefer discrete speakers in the wall and or ceiling? What about invisible speakers?
  6. Would you like to control all devices from one source?

Addressing all of the above will help to build a picture of your priorities.

The next step

Our showrooms are designed so that we can not only talk about different options but also demonstrate the options we propose. Make an appointment to bring in you plans or alternatively book a time for for us to visit you in your home.

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