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Japanese manufacturer STAX produces electrostatic ‘earspeakers’ that are widely regarded as the best headphones available today. STAX electrostatic earspeakers are widely used throughout the world by discerning audiophiles, professional musicians, and recording companies to enjoy and monitor sound. This is because of the superb sonic quality of STAX electrostatic earspeakers. 

All STAX earspeakers are operated electrostatically. An electrostatic transducer is a push/pull device that can transduce twice the information in a given time span than a dynamic type transducer. The electrostatic element employs a high polymer film of several microns thick as the diaphragm for far less mass than paper or mylar cones or metal type diaphragms. Since electrostatic elements use no magnets, they are free from magnetic hysteresis distortion that is prominent in dynamic type headphones.

Upon auditioning STAX electrostatic earspeakers, we are confident that you will agree that they represent the ultimate in musical clarity and sonic transparency.

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