Home Cinema

Home cinemaThe Home Cinema is a dedicated room for experiencing a movie at its best. A place in your home where you can escape for a few hours, and if properly designed and installed, the experience will easily surpass a trip to your local cinema multiplex.

Soundline has been designing and installing  breathtaking Home Cinema's for many years. With our exclusive product collection and expertise, no other company can offer you the audio and video performance that Soundline can.

Home cinemas are similar to home theatres in that there will be a wide range of products and technologies available. Products include:

Acoustic treatments can even be applied to cinema rooms for those who demand the very best.

Tell us the home cinema experience you would like to have, and we’ll both demystify the whole process and from home cinema design and installation to help and guidance to ensure that you have the best quality sound reproduction and video quality, while working within your budget. 

Optimising your home cinema

Getting the best out of your home cinema relies on not only good design but also fine-tuning and optimisation. Our design and installation team have international CEDIA qualifications which includes audio an video calibration and of course extensive experience in design and commissioning in-home cinema.

Your first step

It's said that seeing is believing. It is also true that you can hear the difference with good quality home theatre systems. Our showrooms are designed so that you can experience the options we propose. Make an appointment to bring in you plans or alternatively book a time for for us to visit you in your home.

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