Home Cinema Rooms

Bring the movies to your place

For those wanting to take home theatre to the next level, a dedicated room will allow you to experience a movie at its best. A place in your home where you can escape for a truly immersive film experience.


In the past, watching a movie on a large home screen was often an underwhelming experience with a picture lacking in colour or detail. It was often difficult to be drawn in and really become part of the movie.
Today we're able to enjoy high quality 4K content from many streaming services as well as our existing Bluray or DVD collections. Projectors now offer levels of resolution and brightness that finally do justice to our favourite movies, and make home cinema a more compelling experience than a traditional movie theatre.


Having a great image is only half the fun. When paired with a quality audio system that delivers enveloping sound, the movie experience can be truly unforgettable. Thanks to new audio technology, it's now possible to feel more immersed in a movie than ever before. You'll feel the action as much as you see it.
After looking at your room dimensions, we'll use our wealth of experience to recommend the most suitable equipment, as well as give you all the installation advice you need. Or you could sit back and let our installation team do all the hard work for you.


To complete your home cinema, or breathe new life into your existing room, acoustic wall treatments will deliver a huge improvement in sound quality. Stray echoes and reverberations are absorbed, leaving only the soundtrack to enjoy.
We use specialist software to analyse your room dimensions and speaker placement to ensure any acoustic bad guys are stopped in their tracks, long before they reach your ears.


If the thought of designing a home cinema for your existing or planned home sounds daunting, then don't panic. We have years of experience that will make sure you end up with the best possible system that suits all of your requirements. Our long history in the industry also shows that we'll be there to support you if issues arise or your needs change.
As part of our Soundline Theatre Design Service, we work with many established architects to ensure our systems fit with the rest of your home, and can be enjoyed unobtrusively for many years to come.


If you want a truly breathtaking home theatre system experience, Soundline is your only choice.

Our exclusive product collection and expertise means that no other company can offer you the complete system performance that Soundline can.
Soundline has industry trained CEDIA qualified designers and installers, ISF trained technicians and THX dealer certification. Soundline staff are conversant with our brand partners training programmes which ensures that you get the very best out of your chosen products now and into the future.