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From humble beginnings over 40 years ago, Soundline has gone on to excel in installing home theatre, multi-room audio/video and complete home automation systems to generations of New Zealanders. Independently owned, the completely non-corporate structure of the Soundline group ensures it answers only to its clients, not overseas masters.

Through sustainable initiatives, Soundline endeavours to be a responsible steward of the environment and whenever possible encourage eco-friendly business practices by selecting products with lasting value. 

Soundline’s partnerships with the world’s most renowned audio manufacturers mean that we can offer you the best equipment coupled with a passion and expertise that will give you the best possible performance from your music system, home theatre or home automation system.

Soundline are the acknowledged industry leaders - never followers.


The best at what we do

Soundline's legendary team have received numerous awards and have the highest levels of industry training available, including THX, CEDIA and ISF certified designers, engineers and technicians. 

We are passionate about music, superior sound and vision, and have the technical knowledge coupled with years of industry experience to bring you the best sound, visual and automation solutions possible.

Our people are simply the best in the business at what we do.


A history of creating excellence

Soundline began life in the late 1970's when founder, Frank Denson began producing speakers and turntables at the very site where Soundline Christchurch now stands. Import restrictions meant that access to quality Hi-Fi components was nigh on impossible for Kiwi music-lovers. Frank and his brother who among other pursuits ran a successful engineering firm (that went on to build the early Britten motorbike engines) began building Hi-Fi components under license using kits supplied by stalwart British brands. In the early days, people said Frank was "nuts" to build a $2000 speaker (equivelent to over $10K today) but they were soon proven wrong. 

Years have passed and the team has grown but the philosophies are still the same, we are not afraid to expand peoples expectations of what can be achieved in the pursuit of excellence and the enjoyment that can come from quality music and film reproduction. We love what we do, music has always been at the forefront of it, and we are fanatical about sharing the experience with our customers. 


Many of the brands within our collection have remained with us since we opened the doors in 1979 and have become more like partners, enabling us to continuously offer the ultimate high performance in audio, video and home automation. On many occasions, the partnership has been two-way, and as a result, we have often been involved with our manufacturers in participating in the research and developments of products. This long-term commitment with our partners is your guarantee of maximum enjoyment, reliability and pride of possession.

Our products follow neither fad nor fashion and are therefore far removed from the throw-away technology brigade, they are frequently recycled through generations of Soundliners and we take pride in the fact that we can still fully service many of the products which we sold over 40 years ago.


Our purpose-built showrooms are designed to be a place where you can experience the best audio video equipment in the world in a relaxed, non-pressure environment. Mixing music, art, great coffee, and fantastic people we have created the type of environments that showcase our products in a way that is relatable to your own home.

We encourage customers to bring their own music in to hear how good a quality setup can be. Our ranges cover a variety of price-points and while we are able to cater for those looking for "the ultimate" we are equally as committed to those beginning their Hi-Fi or Home Theatre journeys.

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