Automated Blinds and Drapes

Perfect Sunlight all day long

The biggest source of light in your life is sunlight. Lutron motorised blinds give you complete control over how and where sunlight is cast throughout your home as well as adding privacy. Let the light in or keep it out, the control is all yours.

Jewellery for your Home

Lutron Palladiom blinds are like the diamond on an engagement ring, just beautiful.

With a range of matte and metal finishes available, they are the perfect blend of reliable functionality and aesthetic excellence. The ideal combination of function and style, Lutron Palladiom blinds are the finishing touch to your home.

Set the Mood

Lutron motorised drape tracks allow you to create warmth and atmosphere in any room with ease. Just like their blinds, Lutron drapery tracks are fully programmable and incredibly smooth and quiet.

Compatible with most specifiers materials, your options are endless.

Just a ‘Click’ Away

Control of your blinds can be done through the variety of on wall or tabletop keypads that are available, through apps on mobile devices or the simplicity of voice control. Opening, closing and even partially opening your blinds or shades is incredibly easy and can even be done on a timed schedule or daylight sensors.

Find out what is possible for your new home or renovation