Accuphase integrated amplifiers

Accuphase integrated amplifiers

“Amp for life” is a phrase we commonly use here at Soundline when talking about Accuphase amplifiers. They are a favourite of the Soundline team and for many years have been a top recommendation for anyone who is looking for an amplifier offering the highest levels of performance, pride of ownership, and unequaled reliability.


Hand-made in Japan since 1972

Since it's foundation in 1972, Accuphase has aimed to create outstanding products and become one of the most respected brands in the industry. This aim has been achieved through the dedicated and unwavering pursuit of quality above all else. Not satisfied with the compromises inherent to mass production and preferring to construct their products by hand in their Yokohama facility. Accuphase boasts a very large R&D team and has full in-house production, helping them to achieve the goal of producing the best high-end audio components in the world. (Find out more about their history)

Accuphase as a company are undeniably modest, instead of shouting to the world about how good their products are they prefer instead to focus their efforts on engineering and product development. They are certainly a company happy to let their products do the talking and the fact that many models are consistently on backorder is a testament to how good they are.  

A production amplifier going through the rigorous Accuphase quality control process (L). Vintage Accuphase products receiving in-house servicing (R).

Building a product that is designed to provide decades of enjoyment requires quality components and Accuphase pay a lot of attention to sourcing only the best. Extra tolerance for voltage, current and temperature are built-in so the final product easily meets it's specification targets and can operate within its performance window without breaking a sweat. They have total confidence in the quality of their products, and in the unlikely event that repair is needed, original parts are kept in stock and available for many years. 

Engineered for decades of enjoyment

Every single Accuphase product goes through rigorous testing procedures to ensure the ultimate performance for the end-user. Accuphase has been a marquee brand for Soundline since the 1980s and we can confidently say that each Accuphase product will provide unmatched reliability, outstanding performance and can truly be considered a life long purchase.  

The build quality of all Accuphase products is rock solid, but this doesn't mean that finesse and feel have been sacrificed. Careful attention has been given to the control dials and switches to ensure that the experience of using an Accuphase product is on par with listening to one.

Power and delicacy

Rich, dynamic, precise and effortless are some of the words often used to describe the sonic character of Accuphase amplifiers. Across the range they consistently perform with astonishingly low levels of noise and distortion while providing wide bandwidth and authoritative control over most types of speakers. Accuphase achieve this with a suite of proprietary technologies, refined and improved over the years. “Trickle-down” technologies make the way from the flagship models right through the range, including the AVAA volume control, now standard on all models, a revolutionary preamplifier topology that eliminates conventional volume controls from the signal path (learn more).

Even with access to all manner of the latest measurement equipment, it's still difficult to analyse sound quality differences, which is why Accuphase engineers still rely on numerous listening sessions when dialing in the finer nuances of sonic performance. In fact, Accuphase estimates that they devote as much time to repeated listening as they do to technical development. The human ear is still the ultimate measuring tool and one that is used to verify the quality of every item before it makes its way to a customer. 


Upgradability is built into each Accuphase amplifier through option boards. These make it easy to add new capabilities as required, and also cater for technologies that may not even exist yet. Adding a digital or phono input is as easy as slotting in a small card. Future-proofing is built-in, obsolescence is not.

Through the use of high-spec supplies with massive high-efficiency transformers and large capacitors, all Accuphase models boast high current delivery and impressive damping-factor specifications (essentially how well the amplifier will control the speaker) meaning that they perform exceptionally well across all music types and have the capability of driving almost all types of speakers.

If you like the idea of investing in a quality amplifier, built to provide decades of enjoyment, then we'd recommend you take a look at the Accuphase range. Make a time to come into a Soundline store, take a closer look, and have a listen for yourself. 


In this video, Terry and James of Soundline Christchurch talk about the current lineup of Accuphase integrated amplifiers. 

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