Amadeus 254 Turntable

Amadeus 254 Turntable

Well Tempered Lab Amadeus 254 Turntable

Well Tempered Lab has taken the concepts of William Firebaugh's unique turntable engineering designs and applied them to the new Amadeus 254. By bringing beautifully simple solutions to challenges that have faced designers for many years, Well Tempered Lab have continued to be guided by their less-is-more way of thinking, with the goal of allowing you to gain maximum enjoyment from your music collection.

The Amadeus 254 is no exception to this and employs some surprising solutions to issues such as instability, vibration and noise. Squash balls, golf balls and silicone fluid are all used to provide a silky smooth ride for your cartridge via the LTD tonearm. These probably aren't items that you'd expect to find on a turntable but the proof is in the listening, and the Amadeus 254 has no shortage of fans around the world. A great example of this is a review from who provides an excellent account of it, and gives their strongest buy recommendation. Click here to read the review.

The Amadeus 254 gets a strong 'buy' recommendation from

The LTD Tonearm is a key part of the Amadeus 254's success. Immersed in a damping fluid that controls vibration and ensures the stylus maintains an accurate path through the record groove. Furthermore, a special grade of sand is placed inside the tonearm to reduce any resonances within the tube.

The two piece plinth provides a solid foundation and is made up of aluminium layers top and bottom, with multi-layer plywood bringing mass and stability to the turntable. Isolation duty is covered by squash balls on the plinth underside and is a classic example of a simple, yet effective solution to the age old vibration problem faced by vinyl fans.

The LTD tonearm is a key part of the Amadeus 254 design.

Supplied with the Amadeus 254 is the Ctrl which combines a regulated power supply and 45/33 RPM switching.

Also part of the package is the Well Tempered Lab Kauri phono cartridge. A moving coil cartridge made from 1,000 year old New Zealand Kauri that matches perfectly to the Amadeus 254 and features a line contact diamond stylus.

If you'd like to see the Amadeus 254 in more detail, give us a call to arrange a demo. We're confident that you'll be impressed with this turntables build quality, and love the sound that this unique piece of audio art produces.

Well-Tempered-Labs-Kauri-tonearm 2
The Kauri phono cartridge brings a unique NZ flavour to the Amadeus 254.