Bassocontinuo Audio Racks

Bassocontinuo Audio Racks

Handmade Italian audio racks

Bassocontinuo offer a stunning range of hifi racks built using traditional Italian craftsmanship and only the best materials. Designed to extract maximum sonic performance from your audio equipment with outstanding attention to detail, they are the product of a relentless research and development programme. With a range of sizes, shapes and styles, you can find the perfect rack to suit your home and your equipment. From minimalist designs to ornate, detailed ones, there's a rack to fit any décor and any budget.

The Bassocontinuo range is now sold in over 40 countries, and Soundline is very excited to be representing these stunning audio racks in New Zealand.

Bossocontinuo Audio Racks

Solid design and construction

Before a Bassocontinuo rack even starts production, many hours have already been spent researching materials and construction methods. Constant refinement and experimentation leads to continuous improvement, which ultimately leads to better performance.

Exotics like Carbon fibre, Delrin, Torlon and Fenix are just some of the materials employed in the pursuit of the best possible rack system. Contrary to popular thinking, constructing a high performing rack is not simply about adding weight; a heavy rack will still vibrate, just in a different way. Bassocontinuo expend significant resources into finding the best ways of isolating your equipment from sound degrading vibration and resonance, so only the cleanest possible signal reaches your amplifier.


One of the appeals of owning a Hi-Fi system is that you can mix and match as you choose, and build it your way. This can now extend to your rack system, with Bassocontinuo offering a wide range of configuration options including the rack style, number of shelves, shelf spacing, finishes and more. Even better is that most products are fully upgradeable after purchase; so it’s easy to add more shelves as your system evolves or even change the rack from a vertical to horizontal layout. With the number of configuration options available it’s almost certain that the rack you build will be unique to you and your system.


Bossocontinuo modular Audio Racks

Accordeon XL4

Part of the Reference line, the Accordeon XL4 is a modular rack composed of three shelves that provides exceptional performance due to its refined technical features developed over many years. With its large size, the Accordeon XL can be customized to suit your needs and can be easily adapted over time to accommodate changes in your music system. Integrated cable management and bubble levels demonstrate that this racks is more than just great looking, it’s also serious about performance.

Accordeon XL4 audio hifi rackOne of the first Bassocontinuo racks dating back to 2008, the Accordion XL4 is a large rack suited to heavier components. 

Lyra XL4

An innovative four-legged audio rack designed to provide increased load capacity for bulkier electronics, with solid construction giving users peace of mind that their system is safe and secure. Part of the Bassocontinuo Classic line, this rack is highly modular, providing you with the flexibility to customise your system based on your individual needs and delivering a more personalised experience. With its high-quality construction and modular design, the Lyra XL4 is the ideal solution for those who need a reliable and customisable rack.

Bossocontinuo Lyra Audio HiFi RackThe Lyra XL4 is completely modular and tunable. A true audiophiles rack.

Aeon X

Aeon X is the flagship audio rack from Bassocontinuo, blending technology, design, and creativity. Designed by Christoph Nussbaumer, this modular rack features a monocoque carbon fiber frame that's ideal for high-level systems. The rack utilizes unidirectional carbon fiber, stainless steel, and copper throughout for a stunning, high-performance design.

But the Aeon X isn't just about looks. Its shelves are constructed with a carbon and foam combination that's designed to counteract vibrations from turntables and CD players. The chassis employs F1 construction technology to provide a rack that is both rigid and elastic, as well as incredibly strong. The rack also features decoupling and damping components, with varying elastomer densities that allow you to adjust the rack for different shelf weights.

As with all Bassocontinuo racks, the Aeon X is modular and upgradable, enabling you to change the configuration of your rack as your music system evolves.

Bossocontinuo AeonX HiFi Audio Racks

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