Home Theatre trends in 2020

Home Theatre trends in 2020

In recent months we've been seeing a real upsurge in the number of our clients looking to build or upgrade home theatre systems. Here we'll talk about why we're seeing this demand and some of the new technologies which are helping us to create truly remarkable cinematic experiences in New Zealand homes.


Streaming services

One of the big factors driving the popularity of home theatre in New Zealand is the availability of amazing, on-demand films and quality TV series. While we used to be restricted to movies on DVD or Blu-Ray discs, we now have a multitude of streaming services to choose from. Netflix, Disney, iTunes, YouTube and many others give us instant access to more options than ever before, much of it in 4K high resolution.


A cinema like experience can now easily be had in your home. Today's home theatres can offer levels of performance which truly surpasses that of commercial cinemas.


Bigger Screens

What does 4K high-resolution content mean for you? While the improvement is subtle on typical size TV screens, high-resolution 4K content really comes into its own on large projection screens. Particularly when we are talking about the 130 inch plus screens which are now commonplace in Soundline designed home theatres. In the past, it wasn't possible to get a quality image at this size but with the combination of higher resolution capabilities and more light output, today's projection systems can offer crisp, bright, and colourful images at larger screen sizes than ever before. 


More powerful projectors also allow us to integrate projection systems into living spaces where ambient light traditionally caused a "washed-out" image with older projection technology. Modern projectors also offer other benefits like longer lamp life with the latest laser-powered projectors offerering tens of thousands of hours of maintenance-free operation.


Home theatre projection screenDrop down-screens and discrete audio mean you don't need a dedicated room for a great home theatre.


Large projection screens no longer need to be relegated to dedicated home theatre rooms. Drop-down, ambient light rejecting screens and powerful projectors mean that large-screen projection can be elegantly integrated into living spaces. Soundline also has the World's-best when it comes to discrete, high-performance in-wall and in-ceiling speakers from brands like Meridian, Monitor Audio and Sonus Faber.



Truly immersive sound

One of the biggest home theatre developments we've seen recently on the audio side are the immersive sound formats like Dolby Atmos. Think of this is "3D sound" with extra audio channels that mean we can now add height speakers to the mix greatly increasing the sense of immersion and really making you feel like you're part of the action. Today, services like Netflix and Apple TV include Dolby Atmos content and at the time of writing almost 2000 titles, from critically acclaimed TV drama's to blockbuster movies feature Atmos soundtracks. 


Dolby Atmos enabled Monitor Audio Bronze SpeakersDolby Atmos-enabled Monitor Audio Bronze Speakers are budget-friendly and sound great.


Along with Atmos, speakers themselves have come a very long way, particularly in the past 5-10 years. Advanced computer-aided design techniques, more efficient production methods, and the use of revolutionary materials mean that the level of performance now achievable at all budget levels is truly remarkable. 


Sonus Faber Theatre SystemModern projectors and advanced screen materials provide vivid, bright images even with some ambient light.


While today's speaker offerings certainly sound better than ever before, it should also be mentioned that speaker manufacturers have really stepped their game up when it comes to the aesthetics of the speakers. Be it a great value range like the new Bronze series from Monitor Audio or something a little more luxurious like the Sonus Faber Olympica Nova range, speakers today are like pieces of high-end furniture or design and are no longer the ugly-black-boxes you want to hide away from view



Acoustic treatments and simple control 

Another way to make significant improvements to the sound quality of your home theatre, particularly in dedicated rooms, is to add acoustic treatments. These are wall or ceiling panels that work to reduce distortion and absorb echoes so you're left with just the movie soundtrack to enjoy. We've installed these in our in-store theatre rooms and customers have been wowed by the sonic experience.


Home theatre remoteA unified control system will put the finishing touch on your home theatre.


The final piece to touch on is the control of your equipment. We've all been confronted by a coffee table full of remotes, not quite knowing which one to pick up. A unified control system, custom-programmed for you by Soundline will remove this problem and give you one remote to control everything. Often a single button can be used to accomplish a number of tasks like dimming the lights and turning on the projector while setting the volume to the correct level. Family-friendly convenience at its best.


This is just a small roundup on what is happening in the home theatre world and hopefully it's given you some idea on what you can achieve in your own home. If you are keen to experience the latest in premium home theatre for yourself, please make a time to drop in for an exclusive showing at your nearest Soundline showroom.