LUMIN D3 - Unlock audiophile music streaming

LUMIN D3 - Unlock audiophile music streaming

Unlock audiophile music streaming

The transition from physical music to streaming has afforded us the convenience of quickly playing our favorite music anywhere with a single tap. We can enjoy current hits, revisit nostalgic tunes, or find new favourites.

Sometimes though, it's nice to to slow things down a little and just sit and enjoy the music. LUMIN's latest creation, the D3 is the ideal tool for the job. Performance upgrades bring improvements that genuinely improve your listening experience. The LUMIN D3 is a great choice if you'd like to bring an almost infinite catalogue of music to your HiFi system.


LUMIN D3 music streamer

What's new?

Revised hardware and software on the D3 ushers in a new platform to the LUMIN range, and with it comes greater flexibility and future-proofing. Sampling rates have been improved up to DSD 256/PCM384, giving even better sound reproduction, and the opportunity to hear every detail in your music. The Sabre ES9028PRO DAC is now handling digital to analogue conversion and a fully balanced design right through to the XLR outputs ensures low noise and high dynamic range.

A new all-aluminium chassis improves on the outgoing model by removing steel and providing superior damping. A surface finish (in silver or black)  that's taken from the high-end P1 streaming pre-amplifier brings an extra elegance that will make the D3 right at home in your system.

All of the popular streaming services are supported by the LUMIN D3, including Spotify Connect, Apple AirPlay, Qobuz, Roon, Plex and thanks to the new performance improvements, Tidal Connect is also available.

As with all LUMIN products, control is simple through the free LUMIN App. It was created to work in harmony with the LUMIN hardware to deliver the most intuitive and visually rich way to browse, select and play your music collection.

If you'd like to know more, or experience your favourite music through the LUMIN D3 just get in touch with the Soundline team. We'd be happy to arrange a demo so you can experience just how good a music streamer can be.