Monitor Audio Hyphn

Monitor Audio Hyphn

The shape of genius

Hyphn is unlike anything Monitor Audio, or anyone else, has ever created: the most creatively ambitious, technically advanced and powerful loudspeaker in the company's history.

An uncompromising demonstration of Monitor Audio's design, engineering and manufacturing capabilities, and its future ambitions.  It delivers a dramatically enhanced listening experience, with a visually striking presence.

Monitor Audio Hyphn speakersHyphen is the most creatively ambitious, technically advanced and powerful louspeaker in Monitor Audio's history.


Creation through collaboration

Hyphn is born from a collaboration between Monitor Audio's designers and engineers, who set out to build the best loudspeaker anyone has ever heard. An ambition that's easy to express, but a lot more challenging to achieve. Hyphn is intended to be a 'statement loudspeaker' both technically and visually. It is also designed for 'real' rooms, taking into account and addressing all the inherent constraints and compromises that entails.

Hyphn's striking outline is a product of the configuration of the drive units; looks are secondary to the technology. Indeed, the concept began with the drive units floating in (virtual) space in the optimum positions; the design team then created the cabinet's physical form around them. And while nothing was done for the sake of decoration, the design consciously focuses on the M-Array, to draw attention to the most important part of the product.

Monitor Audio Hyphn mid range speaker driversSix mid-range drivers give Hyphn unparalleled clarity

The M-Array masterpiece

The M-Array is an ultra-compact multi-driver midrange and tweeter assembly. The six mid-range drivers in the M-Array appear acoustically as a single source. This creates a very detailed sound field, with stereo audio delivered to the best possible capability, with huge depth of sound.

Why six, 2-inch midrange drivers? Performance first and foremost. It was about achieving the largest amount of surface area with the smallest footprint - the smaller the radiating area of the drive unit, the wider the directivity for the best in-room integration.

Using the renowned RDT III cone technology, the midrange drivers together have a surface area that is slightly larger than the Platinum midrange driver. Each midrange driver has an exceptionally wide bandwidth and can cover much of the range of a traditional tweeter. This ensures the smoothest crossover to the tweeter and exceptionally low distortion.

At the heart of the M-Array, sat precisely at the acoustic centre of the midrange drivers, is the Micro Pleated Diaphragm III (MPD III) high-frequency transducer.

Developed by Monitor Audio's acoustic engineers, this accurate transducer was unveiled for Monitor Audio's 50th Anniversary celebrations, and it delivers remarkable performance.

The MPD III Transducer delivers a larger, clearer, and more consistent sound. Its square radiating area ensures equal directivity in horizontal and vertical planes, resulting in an improved soundstage. Music and film are delivered with precision and clarity, allowing the listener to enjoy levels of accuracy and detail beyond what they have experienced before.

Monitor Audio Hyphn speaker driversThe M-Array houses six RDT III cone drivers and the MPD III high frequency transducer.

A masterpiece of intricate detail and design, the M-Array is a testament to the collaborative approach of acoustic and mechanical engineering within Monitor Audio's Research and Development team.

The sheer scale and authority of Hyphn is delivered via no fewer than eight, powerful 8-inch bass drivers - four precisely positioned, and rigidly secured within each Hyphn cabinet. Each of the four pairs of bass drivers are positioned facing inwards towards each another. They are fixed securely in place by inch-thick metal rods and through-bolt fixings that run through the width of the cabinet to the rear of each bass driver. The concept of force-cancelled drivers is simple: the forces applied to the cones of both bass drivers are equal and opposite. This means there is little or no vibration force from the drivers, either within themselves or passed through into the cabinets. The result is a cabinet that is almost vibration free, and all that's left for the listener to hear is the sound; pure, clean and detailed.

Monitor Audio Hyphn bass driversFour pairs of opposing bass drivers deliver masses of smooth, clear bass.

Hyphn is available in three contemporary finishes. Matte Heritage Green, Matte Black and Pure Satin White. Each showcases the elegant architectural lines of the Hyphn design.

Hyphn's unique cabinet is constructed using the highest quality solid surface material available. After lengthy research and testing, Monitor Audio settled on a composite that combines acrylic, minerals and natural pigments. This creates a smooth, thermoformable and visually seamless surface, which is then precision milled to produce Hyphn's striking and distinctive profile.

The acrylic stone material provides the perfect platform from which the drive units can operate to their full amazing potential. It is both totally rigid and naturally inert, so doesn't create any unwanted vibrations within the bass cabinet enclosure.

Monitor Audio Hyphn finishesHyphen is available in three stunning finishes

Carefully selected to present a feeling of luxury, each finish deepens the connection and lustre of the physical shape, and ensures that Hyphn sits within its environment seamlessly. Whether as more of a statement centre-piece of sonic power or a subtle sculptural design disappearing beneath musical notes, Hyphn represents a physical presence and undeniable quality that will last a lifetime.