Monitor Audio Monitor series now in stock

Monitor Audio Monitor series now in stock

Monitor Audio Monitor series

Monitor Audio have released their new Monitor range of speakers. These are all highly affordable and represent excellent value with many features inherited from higher end models.

The Monitor range can cover almost any home setup with two bookshelf sizes in the Monitor 50 and Monitor 100, while bigger rooms are covered by the Monitor 200 and Monitor 300 floorstanders. If it's a home theatre you're putting together, then the Monitor C150 Centre speaker and Monitor MRW10 Subwoofer will add the extra detail and power to make sure you get the most from your favourite movies.

The Monitor range is now available at Soundline so get in touch if you'd like a demo of any of the models. Stocks of some models may be limited though so give us a call first to make sure we have what you need.

You can see more of the Monitor series here.

Monitor Audio Monitor speakers soundline The Monitor 300 floorstanding speaker features some great retro styling and the clear, detailed sound that Monitor Audio is renowned for.