Monitor Audio Platinum 3G range

Monitor Audio Platinum 3G range

Platinum 3G - Objects of desire

At the top of the Monitor Audio range sits the Platinum series. The pinnacle of performance and design, they represent the best of the best from this renowned British manufacturer. So we're obviously pretty excited when an update to the Platinum range comes along, but how do you go about improving what are already outstanding speakers?


Monitor Audio Platinum 3G rangeThe Monitor Audio Platinum 300 3G floorstanding speakers and Platinum C250 3G Centre speaker

Ground breaking innovations

With 50 years of experience to draw from, it’s safe to to say that the new Platinum range has packed in plenty of technology. High notes get an improvement thanks to the new MPD III transducer which was developed for the groundbreaking ‘Concept 50’ speaker. Distortion is reduced, bringing a clear and consistent sound across all of your music.

RDTIII is another significant Monitor Audio development in driver technology that brings improvements to the mid and bass drivers. New materials and construction methods result in mid and bass drivers that boast the lowest distortion of any Monitor Audio speaker ever.

The drivers on the Platinum Series 3G are held in place with individually cast aluminium frames, creating two layers of isolation between the driver chassis and the cabinet.

 Monitor Audio Platinum 3G rangeThe Platinum 100 3G Bookshelf speakers from Monitor Audio. A compact form factor with no compromise.

The definition of elegance

The Platinum 3G series also features a new cabinet design. Constructed using laminated layers of MDF to form a curved and braced super rigid 18-21mm cabinet on the rear with a 36mm thick baffle precision machined to create a unique curved front profile. The cabinets are then embellished with etched inlays to highlight the craftsmanship, before 16 layers of lacquer are added on top to create a beautiful, luxury piano gloss finish. A pure satin matte finish is applied to models finished in white - a contemporary statement in any interior.

The range includes a comprehensive selection of speakers that cater to any listener's needs. From floorstanding speakers that deliver powerful, room-filling sound to bookshelf speakers that offer a more compact form factor without compromising on audio quality, the Platinum 3G range has it all.

Additionally, the series includes a center speaker that is ideal for home theatre setups, providing clear and precise dialogue reproduction. For those who prefer a more discreet installation, the Platinum 3G range also offers in-wall speakers that blend seamlessly into your decor.

The Monitor Audio Platinum 3G series is an outstanding choice for anyone who wants the best possible audio experience. With a variety of speakers that cater to any listener's needs, cutting-edge technology, and stunning design, these speakers are sure to impress even the most discerning audiophile. Contact the Soundline team to arrange a demo of these outstanding speakers.