New LUMIN L2 plus Plex

New LUMIN L2 plus Plex

A Music streamer with built in network switch

LUMIN make some of the best music streamers you’ll find anywhere and they’re definitely a favourite among the Soundline team. With rock solid build quality and ultra reliable operation it’s not hard to see why these streamers continue to grow in popularity.

It’s been a busy 12 months for LUMIN, having released the T3, U2 & U2 Mini with massive success. Never sitting still, the L2 was launched at Munich in May and is a unique 2-in-1 box that combines a network music server and network switch into a single aluminium enclosure.

LUMIN L2 Music library and network switch

Configuration options

The L2 comes in two colours (charcoal or silver) and three storage configurations. The basic storage configuration doesn’t include any drives, allowing users to install their own if they wish (two identical drives). 4TB and 8TB options are also available with the drives already installed if you’d prefer to just plug and play. Having this on-board storage removes the need for a PC or NAS and the all complexities that come with them. So now there’s even less standing in between you and your music.

LUMIN L2 Music library and network switch

The L2 boasts four network ports in total. Two RJ45 ports and two optical network ports which can function as optical isolators, physically removing the L2 from  any noise coming across the network. This works great for not only LUMIN players but also for other network devices like ROON cores or Plex servers. Having the network ports built in removes the need for additional external networking gear which usually bring electrically noisy power supplies with them.

Additionally, the L2 retains the user-friendly interface of the L1, plus it makes use of the free LUMIN app, which allows for intuitive and effortless browsing of your library.

Introducing Plex

Also at Munich, LUMIN announced a software update which makes LUMIN players the first (and only) high-end audio system that can discover and connect to Plex, a popular music management service that combines a user's own video, audio, and photos with online streaming services (including Tidal). No network configuration is required and delivery is bit-perfect. The music only version of Plex "Plexamp" is a really slick app which is definitely worth a look. Think of it as a slightly simplified version of Roon, without the high subscription costs and need for powerful servers to run it. You can read a little more about Plexamp here.

Supported LUMIN models are: X1 / P1 / T3 / T2 / D1 / D2 / D3 / U1 / U2 / U1 Mini / U2 Mini.

Plexamp media player on LUMIN music streamers

This backwards compatibility with discontinued models is another example of how LUMIN users benefit from the programme of continuous development, allowing you to relax in the knowledge that wherever possible you will have access to the latest streaming technologies.

If you have any questions about the L2, the LUMIN range, Plex or would like any assistance in setting up a Plex server for yourself, just let one of the Soundline team know and we’ll be happy to help.